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Controlling Criminal Behavior: Punishment vs. Reward

One of the most interesting issues related to learning and cognition is the use of punishment and reward. Based on what you have learned so far about punishment and reward, do you think that criminal behavior can better be controlled by using punishment or by using reward? Why?

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Reward and punishment apply to society to a large extent. In fact, they are the basis of an orderly society. We experience them in the everyday life that we live and in all societal institutions such as legal, business, education, etc...In an attempt to keep society in order, humans have developed a system of order whereby those who transgress the law/rules are punished, and those who obey the law/rules are rewarded. Let's use the educational system as an example. Children learn early on from daycare, the importance of following rules. Teachers ...

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Rewards and punishments are the basis of societal learning and cognition. See full solution below on which of the two is best for controlling criminal behavior.