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    Choice Theory and Deterrence theory

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    Compare and contrast the Choice Theory and the Deterrence Theory. Describe how rational thought affects the choices that individuals make before they commit a crime. Do you feel that one theory is more accurate than the other? Explain

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    My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you today with some notes about these two theories. By way of introduction, I am a Professor of Sociology in Arizona.

    CHOICE THEORY - (also referred to as 'rational choice')

    There are eight commonly accepted tenants to this theory. Let me briefly summarize them below, and then you can use these notes to craft your own informed response:

    1) Human beings are rational beings. They 'act' out life based on a series of rational decisions.

    2) Rational behavior involves calculating the end (or mean) result.

    3) All rational beings freely, of their own will, choose all behavior that they exhibit. This includes both conforming and deviant behavior. Whether they choose to be a conformist or a deviant, that doesn't matter, because they arrived at that decision as a result of their rational thinking.

    4) As a person calculates what behavior they will perform, they do a sort of cost benefit analysis - this involves weighing the 'pleasure vs. pain' principle.

    5) As a part of the 'choice theory', individuals will 'choose' that behavior which brings them the most individual pleasure, as long ...

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