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Emotional Intelligence

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Define the concept of Emotional Intelligence. How is it different from other forms of intelligence? How is it important in human interaction? Discuss some ways that you might enhance your emotional intelligence.

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Emotional intelligence deals primarily with how one deals with his or her own emotions, and the goal is to do it both healthy and productive. The individual is able to have the capacity and skill to deal with themselves, other peers, and groups that he or she participates in on a regular basis. He or she has the skills in order to perceive his or her emotions by means of culture, faces, and so forth. He or she will use them wisely depending on the situation. There will be some level of understanding of his or her emotions, and why those feelings came about in the first place. As a result, the individual will know how to manage them. This is different than any form of intelligence that it out there today. For ...

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This solution defined Emotional Intelligence, how it differs from other forms of emotional intelligence, importance in human interaction, and discussed ways in which to enhance emotional intelligence.

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