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    Plato and Aristotle's Perspectives on True Knowledge

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    Plato and Aristotle both believed in the concept of true knowledge. The routes of obtaining true knowledge that were described by these two philosophers were dramatically different. Please help explain their perspectives and theories regarding true knowledge.

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    Plato believed that everything that exists on earth is actually a manifestation or likeness of one pure, but abstract form. In other words, Plato suggested that humans, animals, trees, flowers, etc., are all images or copies of one ideal form. He further explained that individuals can only obtain true knowledge of their existence as well as how other living creatures were formed by searching the soul through the process of introspection (Hergenhahn, 2009). This method of obtaining true knowledge was referred to by Plato as the reminiscence theory of knowledge. The theory posits that the soul possesses pure knowledge, but that once the soul enters the body, the acquisition of sensory information starts to distort this knowledge. According to Plato, searching deep within the soul should allow individuals to recall true ...