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Basic Algebra

Multiple Table for Four Elements

Please provide a detailed solution to the attached problem. I already found the multiplication table for a field with 4 elements (and showed that the nonzero elements form a cyclic group). Hence for the second part of the question, please only write down a multiplication table for 9 elements (and show that the nonzero elemen

Several algebra problems

Problem #1. Solve each equation show your work and check your answers. 0.6 = ─ 1.2 + X Problem # 2 ─ ỵ = ─ ⅓ Equations of the Form axb0 Solve each equation. Show your work and check your answer Problem # 3 ─ 1 ∕ 7z ─ 5 = 0 Equations of the Fo

Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

An interesting method for solving quadratic equations came from India. The steps are: (a) Move the constant term to the right side of the equation (b) Multiply each term in the equation by four times the coefficient of the x2 term. (c) Square the coefficient of the original x term and add it to both sides of the equation. (d


? Demonstrate that factoring a polynomial is the reverse of multiplying a polynomial. ? Use greatest common factor (GCF) to factor monomials out of quadratic trinomials. ? Factor single-variable polynomials by grouping. ? Factor quadratic trinomials. ? Factor multivariate polynomials by grouping. ? Factor differences of squ


The picture is just of a square 3/4 of the square is shaded if I can get help with that information thank you you will not be able to see the picture of the square. 1. Area of a square. Find a polynomial A(x) that represents the area of the shaded region in the accompanying figure. ------------------X--------------------

Equations and Inequalities..

Please show all steps of your solution must be shown and a few words to explain what you did to solve the problem. For instance, if lowest common denominators are required show how you determined the value of the LCD. If factors are removed, show the value of the total factor removed. Please do not just supply an answer. 1

Applications of Algebra : Painting a Room

This Discussion tests our ability to use a ruler and convert from Standard English measure to Metrics. a.Choose a room in your house. Measure the length, the width and the height. Make sure you use feet and inches. Most rooms are not a whole number such as 10 feet; they are 10 feet and 3 inches, or 9 feet 6 inches, etc.

exponential form, polynomial, asymptote

(a) = _______ (fill in the blank) (b) Let . Write the exponential form of the equation and solve the equation for x. A farmer has 60 feet of fencing with which to enclose a rectangular pen adjacent to a long existing wall. He will use the wall for one side and the available fencing for the remaining thr

Help with this table

Help with this table. 1) Consider a firm that has just built a plant, which cost $20,000. Each worker costs $5.00 per hour. Based on this information, fill in the table below. Number of Worker Hours Output Marginal Product Fixed Cost Variable Cost Total Cost Marginal Cost Average Variable Cost Average

Basic Algebra

Problem Remember to simplify all answers 1. a) Give the place value of 9 in 4,938,300. b) Give the place value of 7 in 54,763 2. a) Name the property of addition that is illustrated. 4 +15 = 15 +4 b) Name the property of multiplication that is illustrated. 6 x 5 = 5 x 6


How do you know if a value is a solution for an inequality? How is this different from determining if a value is a solution to an equation? If you replace the equal sign of an equation and put an inequality sign in its place, is there ever a time when the same value will be a solution to both the equation and inequality? Write a

Solving Word Problems

1. Write out the 2 equation for this. If a sofa and a chair cost $850.00 as a set. The sofa cost $100.00 more than twice as much as the chair. 2. A boat travels 24 miles upstream in 3 hours. It takes 3 hours to go 36 miles down stream. What are the to equations? what is the speed of the boat in still water? what

Radical Expressions, Radical Equation. and Quadratic Formula

108. Comparing wind chills. Use the formula from Exercise 107 to determine who will feel colder: a person in Minneapolis at 10°F with a 15-mph wind or a person in Chicago at 20°F with a 25-mph wind. 94. Sharing cost. The members of a flying club plan to share equally the cost of a $200,000 airplane. The members want to

radical expressions, equations, and quadratic formula

I need a Tutor to help teach me how to solve these problems with the correct solutions. I need help with all relevant work shown with the correct answers. If you cannot help me with teaching me relevant work and correct solutions, please let another tutor help me. Thank you.

Algebra: supply and demand

Consider the demand for computers. For each of the following, state the effect on demand: a.An increase in consumer incomes. b.An increase in the price of computers. c.A decrease in the price of Internet services providers. d.A decrease in the price of semiconductors. Consider the supply of computers. For each of the

Algebra - Inverses, Domains and Composition of Functions

Use a calculator (standard scientific calculator or an online graphing calculator) to find each of the following numerical values. Write your answer rounded to 2 decimal places (i.e., the nearest hundredth). (a) 4 -1.2 (b) e 5.76 Use composition of functions to show that the functions f(x) = 5x - 2 and are i

College Algebra polynomial functions

Please show work for each! 54. Find the polynomial function of degree 3 with real coefficients that satisfies the given conditions. Zero of 4 having multiplicity 2 and zero of 2 having multiplicity 1; f(1) = -18 48. Use the intermediate value theorem for polynomials. 1 and 2 58. Show that the real zeros of each

Simplify the following functional expression

Simplify the following functional expression using Boolean algebra and its identities. List the identity used at each step. F(x, y, z) = x'y + xyz' + xyz I think I know how to do this one but I want to make sure. I have a test coming up and this is a review question. My book is horrible when it comes to providing good exam

Finding domain, compound interest and log

Please see the attachment. 1) Find the domain of the following: a) g(x) = 5^x b) g(x) = ln(x-4) c) g(t) = log(t+2) d) f(t) = 5.5e^t 2) Describe the transformations on the following graph of f(x) = e^x. State the placement of the horizontal asymptote and y-intercept after the transformation. For example, le

Variables represent positive real numbers

Write the following expression in simplified radical form. Assume that all variables represent positive real numbers Simplify the following expression as much as possible: Assume that all variables represent positive real numbers. Simplify. Assume that all variables represent positive real numbers. S

Backpacks problem

Upon examining the contents of 38 backpacks, it was found that 23 contained a black pen, 27 contained a blue pen, and 21 contained a pencil, 15 contained both a black pen and a blue pen, 12 contained both a black pen and a pencil, 18 contained both a blue pen and a pencil, and 10 contained all three items. How many backpacks co

Peak rate of a phone company.

The peak rate of a phone company is $.22 per minute, and the off-peak rate is $.11 per minute. Find the saving for a 16-minute phone call if it was made during off-peak time as opposed to peak time. Round to the nearest hundreth.

Word problem

A stamp collection consists of 3, 8, and 15 cent stamps. The number of 8 cent stamps is one less than triple the number of 3 cent stamps. The number of 15 cent stamps is six less than the number of 8 cent stamps. The total value of all the stamps is $2.47. What is the number of 8 cent stamps in the collection?

Cost Due to Inflation

Use S= C(1+r/100)^5 to find the inflated cost S, in 5 years, of an item, good or service, where C= (17,908.02 KRW) is the current price of that item in that country's currency (the South Korean Won) and where the inflation rate is r% = (4.1percent ). Choose any value of C, the current price of an item in that country's currency

Order of operations

What are the steps of the order of operations? Why is it important that you follow the steps rather than solve the problem from left to right? Can you write an expression for me to simplify using at least three of the following: ? Groupings (parenthesis, brackets, or braces) ? Exponents ? Multiplicati

Algebra - Solving Equations, Graphing

Solve: x + 79 = 194 Solve: x - 56 = 604 Solve: 6x = 36 Solve: x / 5 = 10 Solve this Problem: 6 2 - / - 1 3 Solve this Problem: 3 6 - * - 4 7 Graph: y = 2x + 1 (use values of X= 0

Solution for Green Cube Problem with Green Faces

A cube, painted green on the outside and measuring 15 centimeters on each edge, is cut into congruent cubes measuring 5 centimeters on each edge. How many smaller cubes will there be? How many of the small cubes will have 0 green sides? 1 green side? 2 green sides? 3 green sides?