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General Math and Real World Application

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Problem Remember to simplify all answers
1. a) Give the place value of 9 in 4,938,300.

b) Give the place value of 7 in 54,763

2. a) Name the property of addition that is illustrated.
4 +15 = 15 +4

b) Name the property of multiplication that is illustrated.
6 x 5 = 5 x 6

3. Perform the indicated operations

4. Evaluate the expression

5. Evaluate the expression

6. Find the product.

7. Divide, using long division

8. Find the prime factorization for 264.

9. Find the greatest common factor (GCF) for the given numbers. 36 and 108.

10. Convert the fraction to a mixed number

11. Use the cross-product method to find out whether the pair of fractions is equivalent.

12. Multiply

13. Divide

14. Subtract
53,294 - 41,074
15. Estimate the sum by rounding each addend to the nearest hundred.
+_ 576

Real World Applications
(Remember to show all steps.)
16. A truck rental firm has ordered 35 new vans at a cost of$13,350 per van. What will be the total cost of the order?

17. What is the cost of pounds (lb) of grapes if the price per pound is 68 cents?

18. A bookshelf is 86 in. long. If the thickness of each book on the shelf is inches, how many books can be placed on the shelf?

19. Eight people estimate that the total expenses for a trip they are planning to take together will be $1,824. If each person pays an equal amount, what will be each person's share?

20. Shawn makes $235 a day on a job. How much will he earn for working day?

21. A garden measures 6 ft by 7 ft needs fencing.
If the fencing costs $8 per square foot, how
much will it cost to put fencing around the

22. Find the perimeter of the figure shown..
3.6 m
3.6 m 3.6m

3.6m 3.6m

3.6 m

23. Find the perimeter of the figure.

5.5 in
4 in

3.2 in

24. Find the area of the given figure.

6 ft
15 ft 7ft

25. Find the volume of the given figure.

6 ft

8 ft

15 ft

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