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    Integrating Math and Science Curricula

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    The major focus of the research paper is to locate and read journal articles that focus on some aspect of integrating mathematics and science curricula. Incorporate the following into the paper:

    a. Bibliographical information

    b. Reflection and reaction to each article

    Summarizes the theories and link to practical experience (i.e., application to a real-world work setting).
    Suggested professional journals include:

    a. Educational Leadership

    b. Teaching Children Mathematics

    c. Science and Children K-8

    d. Science Scope 5-9

    e. Phi Delta Kappan

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    I will list each of the articles with their bibliographic reference. I used APA style. I'll attach the articles for you, and then give a few ideas about practical applications for classroom teachers. Hopefully that will give you some ideas about where to go with this.

    The Prairie Science Class: Pioneering a Trail in Interdisciplinary Learning
    This article is about a partnership between the US fish and wildlife service and a school district. The middle school students actually attend classes at the center two hours daily. Students are able to do structured hikes and exploration, and use real world implications when studying science and math. For example, when students are studying prairie wetland habitat loss, they can integrate percentages and fractions without necessarily being conscious of the fact that they are doing math. It is very hard for students to see the purpose in learning percentages, but when they are learning about animals that they see and track, the meaning of the percentage (as in a 10% reduction in a certain kind of bird, for example) has special meaning to students.

    Students also measure and record data and drawings in field notebooks, where they use real world applications of science and mathematics every day. During the time when they are back in the ...

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    A collection of articles showing how to integrate math and science in the elementary classroom. Differentiation and adaptions for various kinds of learners are highlighted in these articles. These articles are briefly summarized, and attached for the reader to peruse.