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real-world application that shows two related sets

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Example of Sets in applicable areas such as (market research, politics, medicine, etc.). For example, a college student may be in a particular category in a set depending on degree program: Degree = {Associate, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.} and then a second related set might be the listing of the majors: Major = {Accounting, English, History, Math, Psychology, ...}.

Give a real-world application that shows two related sets. Then within example, explain how the sets are related by the union and the intersection for your particular sets. Finally, discuss the complement of both individual sets. Be sure to first list all the members of your set in set notation. NOTE: A set can consist of individuals, objects, etc.

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Let X denote the set of professors/faculty in the department of mathematics (and/or statistics) at your college/university (there are only finitely many, so you can list them; check the departmental ...

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A real-world application that shows two related sets is provided.

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