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Linear Algebra Problem 3

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As a business owner there are many decisions that you need to make on a daily basis, such as ensuring you reach the highest production levels possible with your company's products. Your company produces two models of bicycles:

Part I: using this scenario, solving by using each technique,of Graphing, Substitution, Elimination and Matrix solution

Model A and Model B. Model A takes 2 hours to assemble, where Model B takes 3 hours to assemble.
Model A costs $25 to make per bike where Model B costs $30 to make per bike.
If your company has a total of 34 hours and $350 available per day for these two models, how many of each model can be made in a day?
Solve the equations for model A and model B,Explain how to check solution for each of these equations.

Part II: Universal sets have many applications in the real world.
Explain what the differences between permutations and combinations.
Give a real-world example of how permutations and combinations can be used.
Explain what your numeric result means in context of the real-world application.

Part III:

Follow up with explaining how these systems of linear equations or algebra sets would be most applicable in personal or professional real-world situations.Give specific example.

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