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Several algebra problems

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Problem #1. Solve each equation show your work and check your answers.

0.6 = ─ 1.2 + X

Problem # 2

─ ỵ = ─ ⅓

Equations of the Form axb0
Solve each equation. Show your work and check your answer

Problem # 3

─ 1 ∕ 7z ─ 5 = 0

Equations of the Form axbcx d
Solve each equation.

Problem # 4

9y ─ 1 = 6y + 5

Please solve equation by first eliminating the decimal number.

Problem # 5

Problem: 0.07y + 0.08 ( y ─ 100) = 44.5

Solve the equation

Problem # 6

Problem: 3w∕ 5 ─ 1 = w ∕ 2 + 1

Please solve each formula for the special variable.

# 7

Problem: X ─ a = ─ X + a + 4b

Writing Algebraic Expressions:

# 8

Problem: Five divided by some number

# 9

Pair of numbers:
Write algebraic expressions for each pair of number.

Problem: Two numbers that differ by 9

# 10
Writing equations
Please identify the variable and write an equation that describes each situation, don't solve the problem.

Problem: The product of two consecutive even numbers is 168

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