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    Should algebra be taught to everyone? Who should study algebra? The statements below serve as possible answers to these questions and are only 'food for thought.' I welcome your constructive ideas and comments on one or several of them.

    Whether you agree or do not agree, the study of algebra is good for the brain. The brain is a muscle, and you must use it to keep it strong.
    Learning algebra does not have to be agonizing ... the process of learning algebra is easier if students are introduced to algebraic reasoning early in life.
    Students who learn algebra at the elementary level have a stronger foundation for higher-level mathematics.
    Algebra helps to pave the way for college.
    Algebra is very conceptual, but there are ways to teach it to make it concrete, to give specific examples that are relevant to students of any age.
    While a force of mathematical specialists is needed for society, most individuals do not need algebra.
    Students should be encouraged to study algebra to increase their career opportunities ... algebra is a gatekeeper to countless educational and economic prospects.
    Several students 'fear' algebra ... it is only an extension of arithmetic.

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    Algebra is good for the brain as any math or science or puzzle is, however, it isn't the only stimulation that can bring similar effects.

    Algebra comes more easily to some as others. Some say it's a language by itself and as a foreign language is easier to learn at a younger age so may algebra.

    Students who learn anything at an elementary level have a stronger foundation for ...

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    The study of algebra in the real world