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Basic Algebra

Factoring Equations Root Properties

A^2- 6a +9=0 Use the even -root property to solve each question x^2= 9/4 (x-3)^2=16 (w-3/2)^2=7/4 (w+2/3)^2=5/9 Find the perfect square trinomial whose first two terms are given. w^2-5w p^2+6/5p factor each perfect square trinomial. y^2-5y+25/4 t^2+3/5t+9/100 solve by complteing the square

Simplifying Expressions : Rules of Exponents

(3^-6)^1/3 simplify each expression assume the variables represent any real #s and use absolute value as necessary (y^3)^1/3 Simplify assume all variables represent positive #s write answer with positive exponents only w^1/3 / w^3 Simplify each expression right your answer with positive exponents assume that all

Coefficients of Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equations Write three quadratic equations, with a, b, and c (coefficients of x2, x, and the constant) as: 1. Integers 2. Rational numbers 3. Irrational numbers See attached file for full problem description.

Tangent Lines and Logarithmic / Exponential Functions

Tangent Line and Logarithmic/Exponential Functions This project is going to consider the relationship between a point (a, b) on the natural logarithmic and exponential functions and its relationship to the intercept of the tangent line to the respective functions at the point (a, b). Hint: Recall the distance between two

Equations for time and rate problems and their solutions

52. How can a graph be used to determine how many solutions an equation has? 8. Bobbi picks 1 qt in 20 minutes. Blanche picks 1 qt in 25 minutes. How long would it take them to pick one quart if they work together? 14. The speed of a freight train is 15 mph slower than the speed of a passenger train. The freight train tr

Solve: Simplifying Expressions

Simplify the following. Make sure to show all the steps involved. Expression: (3t^2 - 8t +3) + (-5t^2 + 4) - (t^2 + 5t - 3)

Algebra Word Problems

The payment sugar beet growers receive is based on the sucrose content of their delivered beets. A sample is taken from each load of beets and the sugar content in the beets is determined by polarimetry of the beet extract. In a typical situation 50 grams of pulverized beet tissue is homogenized with 360 mL of dilute aluminum

Solving Inequalities Word Problems

How do you solve the inequality (x + 1)(x - 6) < 0, and express the solution using interval notation. If an object is shot upward with an initial velocity of 240 feet per second so that its height s (in feet) above the ground after t seconds is given by s = -16t2 + 240t. For what values of t will the object be at least 416 f

Simplifying Expressions

Three problems: 3/2w + 7/2w a+7 9-5a ______ + _______ a-4 a-4 4h-3 h-6 ______ - ______ h(h+1) H(h+1)

Rational Expressions & Equations

See attached file for full problem description. Solve by factoring and using the principle of zero products. Remember to check. 2 30. - 9x + 14 = 0 2 34. x + 16x = 0 2 46. 3x - 7x = 20 2. The length of a rectangle garden is 4m greater than the width. The

How was the right side of the equation arrived at?

This is probably an algebra question but it is occurring while I am trying to solve a calculus problem. During the solution I was given there is a step that goes from: lnC (-R/V)*t + a e = e to (-R/V)*t a C = e * e How was the right side of the equation arrived

Algebra Word Problems

Jenny purchased a prepaid phone card for $20. The long distance calls cost 10 cents a minute using this card. Jenny used her card only once to make a long distance phone call. If her remaining credit on the card is $18.90. How many minutes did her call last?

Algebra Word Problems

A table and chairs cost $660 . The table costs $90 less than the chairs. What is the cost of the chairs?