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Basic Algebra

Graph the inequality

Graph the inequality: 1 4 8 y> or equal to - ---- x^2- ---x + --- 3 3 3 To graph the associated parabola, plot the vertex and four additional points, two on each side of the vertex.

Quadratic inequality

On a number line , graph the solution to the quadratic inequality -x^2>3x If there is no real solution, click on the "no solution" button.


Find all real or imaginary roots of 6 x^2-6x+5=0 (If there is more than one root, enter additional roots with the or icon.)

Solve the equation for t

(t + 6)^2=2t^2+8t+31t Note: if there is more than one solution, separate the solutions with commas.

Find Divisibility Rules for the Numbers from 2 to 13

Derive rules to test whether a number is divisible by N, where N ranges from 2 to 13. E.g. A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of the digits is divisible by 3. Show that a palindromic number which has an even number of digits is always divisible by 11.

Absolute Value and Distributive Property

This is a True or False problem and I need to explain the answer. 1. If we add the absolute values of -3 and -5, we get 8. using the distributive property to remove the parentheses. 2. -3(6-p) Can you help me with this problems and explain them. Thank you, your help is GREATLY appeciated.

Simplified radical form

Write in simplifed radical form. Assume all variables represent positive real numbers. sqrt 45 y^7 z^6

The Simplified Radical Form

Write the expression below as simply as possible in its radical form. Assume that all of the variables in the expression represent positive real numbers. 3 sqrt(72t^9 w^11)

Simplifying Expressions

Principle square root 2 t^3 u, principle square root 8t^4 u^5 Note: I am unsure how to indicate principle square root with the appropriate symbol. Obviously, I have typed principle square root where the symbol should be.

Algebra word problems: miles per gallon

In a family there are two cars. In a given week, the first car gets an average of 25 miles per gallon, and the second car gets 40 miles per gallon. The two cars combined drive a total of 2100 miles in that week, for a total gas consumption of 60 gallons. How many gallons were consumed by each of the two cars that week?

Simplifying Expressions

(3 principle square root 10 -5)( 1-4 principle square root 5) Note: I'm not sure how to indicate principle square root with the symbol. That's why I have to write it out. Obviously, there should be a symbol where I have typed the words.

Simplifying Expressions

Express the following compound fraction in lowest terms 21t^2 u ------------- 5 rs^3 ------------- 7t^5 u^4 --------------- 15s^4

Simplifying Expressions

Express as a single fraction in lowest terms 3y + w 7y - 2w -4+----------- + ---------- 7y 2y

Solving Equations

Solve for z. z is a real number. If there is more than one solution, separate with commas. principle square root 4z - 5 = principle square root 2z + 3 Note: I don't know how to graph the sign for principle square root, which is why i write it out.

Simplifying Expressions

Find the quotient of the following. Reduce to lowest terms. 14u 4tu ---- divided by ------ 9t 3t

Simplifying Expressions

3 principle square root 27 Note: I'm not sure how to graph the principle square root sign. Hence, why I wrote it out. Hope that makes sense.

Algebra Word Problems : Velocity and Displacement

A ball is dropped from the top of a 400 foot tall building and falls such that its distance from the ground at t seconds is s = -16t2 + 400 feet. What is the average velocity of the ball for the first 4 seconds?