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Basic Algebra

Solving/Graphing Inequalities

This solution includes several problems on solving and graphing inequalities. Detailed solutions are provided to explain the concept.

Algebra work problems - Solve for r. r^2+3r=5. The solution are r = ...

Part 1 1. Solve for r r^2+3r=5 The solution are r = (use a commas to seperate answers type n. if there is no solution. 2. Sove for x 1+8/x +52/x^2 =0 The solution are____ Express cmplex numbers in the trms of i use a comma to seperate answers as needed 3. The width of a rectangle is 14ft less than the lent

Mathematics: Calculating combinations of sheets

Benjamin and Olivia are putting a new floor in their kitchen. To get the floor up to the desired height, they need to add 1 ft of subfloor. They can do this in one of two ways. They can put -in. sheet on top of -in. board (note that the total would be ft or 1 ft). They could also put 3/8-in. board on top of 3/4-in. sheet. The ta

Word Programs Involving Algebra

Please help with the following problem. 14. Julio works as a quality control expert in a beverage factory. The assembly line that he monitors produces about 20,000 bottles in a 24-hour period. Julio samples about 120 bottles an hour and rejects the line if he finds more than 1/50 of the sample to be defective. About how many

Basic Math - Geometry - Algebra

MAT115 - Checkpoint - Week 4 Sy. Section of Basic Mathematical Skills with Geometry (6th ed.) Page Numbers Exercises Section 4.1 pp. 287-291 2, 4, 24, 34, 72 Section 4.2 pp. 301-308 20, 36, 48, 58, 72 Section 4.3 pp. 317-320 32, 68, 70 Section 4.4 pp. 329-333 4, 10, 20, 26, 30, 38, 44 Section 4.5 pp. 345-348 24, 52

Geometric Distribution - Password Hacker

A computer system uses passwords constructed from the 26 letters (a to z) or 10 integers (0 to 9). Suppose there are 10000 users on the system with unique passwords. A hacker randomly selects (with replacement) passwords from the potential set. A) There are 9900 users with unique 6 character passwords on the system and the ha

Need help with algebra, statistics and geometry

I need help with the attached questions. You will have to open up the attachment to see the questions with proper formatting. ____________________ 18. 13/18 + 11/18 39. 18/23 - 13/23 - 3/23 44. Number problem. One task took 7 minutes (min), a second task took 12 min, and a third task took 21 min. How l

Overriding A Presidential Veto

Read the article below and use the information you find there to answer the questions that follow. A bill is sent to the president of the United States when it has passed both houses of congress. A majority vote in both the house of representatives (435 members) and the senate (100 members) is needed for the bill to be pass

Prime numbers, GCF and algebra word problems

Please see attachment for proper formatting. ____________________________________ 10. List the factors of each of the following number for 66. Using the following list of numbers for exercises 13 and 14: 0, 1, 15, 19, 23, 49, 55, 59, 87, 91, 97, 103, 105, 14. Which of the given numbers are composite? 16. Li

Algebra problems

Use a commutative law to find an equivalent expression. 1.pq 2.t+4 Multiply 3. -2(3a-4b) simplify. 4. -3(x+2)-4(x-5) 5.4x-[6-3(2x-5)]

Basic math

Attached are 50 basic math/algebra problems that I need help with....Please show your work so I can learn how you figured it out. Thanks. 1. Give the place value for the indicated digit. 8 in the number 138,350 A) Tens B) Hundreds C) Thousands D) Ones 2. Find the area of the figure. A)

Slope and Intercept Questions

Please help me with these problems. See the attached file for proper formatting. _____________________________________________________________________ 1) 7- ) The slope is ________ The y-intercept is (0,____) 9) Find the slope, if it exists, of the line containing the pair of points. (7,5) an

Several basic statistics and finite math problems

Attached are the math/algebra problems that I am having a hard time solving. Please show your work so I have an understanding of how to solve future problems of these sorts....Thanks! (Please see the attachment rather than the copied material here.) ____________________________________________________ Use the following


1) Simplify: (V(3y) + 7 )* (V(3y) - 4) 2) Simplify: (V2+ 3) / (V3- 1) 3) Solve: V(y+ 3) = y - 3

Perform the indicated operation. Write the answer in scientific notation.

Please see the attached file. 1. Simplify (2x^3 y^3)^3 divided 9z^9 2. Perform the indicated operation. Write the answer in scientific notation. 12x10^5 divided (3x10^-2) 3. Rewrite as a base to a power, if possible (9^5 xy)(9^4 x)(9^4 xyz) 4. Simplify (7^3)^9 5. Translate the phrase to an algebr