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Basic Algebra

Writing Equations from Word Problems

Translate to an algebra statement; do not solve: Nine times the difference of a number and twelve yields the same result as triple the same number increased by seven.

Factoring Polynomials

12 Problems. Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Section 4.1 Find the greatest common factor for each of the following sets of terms. Exercise 14 , , Exercise 42 Factor each of the following polynomials. Exercise 60 Find the GCF of each product. Exercise 62 T

Create function in SQL

I need a simple SQL program demonstrating the use of CREATE FUNCTION command in SQL. A create table can be used to generate a simple record of items such as name, title, age. The Create Function command will be used to retrieve one specific value. The program should demonstrate and show how you can pass a variable in and outp

Polynomial Factorize, Solve equation, Prime Polynomial, GCF

Section 5.1 #50 Complete the factoring of each monomial. = -12 ab3c3(8a2bc2) #58 Factor out the GCF in each expression. 6wz + 15wa =3w(2z+5a) Section 5.2 #52 Factor each polynomial. =5(y2+4) #56 =4(3a2-4a-8) #70 Use grouping to factor each polynomial completely 3x+3z+ax+az =3(x+z)+a

Basic Algebra

25 Algebra problems. 1. Which number is prime? A) 4 B) 43 C) 39 D) 121 2. Find the GCF for 14 and 21. A) 1 B) 6 C) 7 D) 42 3. Find the LCM for 13 and 78. A) 1 B) 13 C) 78 D) 1014 4. Convert to a fraction. A) B) C) D) 5. Convert 0.4 to

Need to prove: If x is a real number and x^2=3, then x is irrational.

Need to prove: 1.) If x is a real number and x^2=3, then x is irrational. 2.) The proposition "if x is a real number and x^2=4, then x is irrational." is false since x=2=2/1 is rational and 2^2=4. Pinpoint where in the previous argument the proof of this proposition breaks down. See attached file for full problem desc

29 algebra problems: polynomials, rational functions, exponents

See attached file for full problem description. 1. Use the five properties of exponents to simplify the expression 2. - 5x - 6, x = -3 and x = -2 3. What expression raised to the fourth power is 81x12y8z16? 4. The cost in dollars of manufacturing w wing nuts is given by the expression 0.07w + 13.3. Find the cost w

Solving Equations

Can the equation: m = -2.5 * log(B1/B2) be solved for either B1 or B2 If so, how?

Solve logarithms for x

Solve following for x, expressing answers as compound fractions and integers where appropriate: a) log (5x - 4) - log (5x - 4) = 2 b) log (5x - 4) + log (5x - 4) = 2 The logarithms are base 3.

Studying Statistics : Law of Large Numbers and Sampling Techniques

1. Explain in your own words the law of large numbers. Provide an example to illustrate. 2. Explain in your own words, using the definition of probability why: a) the probability of an event that cannot occur is 0; b) the probability of an event that must occur is 1. 3. Why is expectation important? Explain what the expect

Simplifying Expressions

Please show how ((n/s^2)((t-x)^2))+((1/v^2)(t-m)^2) = ((1/v1^2)(t-m1)^2)+((n/(s^2+n*v^2))(x-m)^2) where v1^2 = (s^2*v^2)/(s^2+nv^2) and m1 = (s^2m + n*(v^2)x)/((s^2)+nv^2) every single step is not necessary just the important ones.

Solving Equations

Using the laws of indices only, solve for x: 8^x + 2^x = 2^3 * 4^x + 2^3


For Problems #10 - #14, factor completely. See attached file for full problem description.:

Simplifying Expressions

Perform the indicated operations and simplify (x2 - 4x + 4)/(x2 - 2x) / (2x2 - 7x + 6)/(2x2 + 5x - 12) =

How many lines are possible?

Jemma and Gareth are playing a board game on a 7 X 7 square grid. They take turns to place a black counter in an empty square on the grid. The winner is the person who completes a line of three counters. * * * * * In this game, Win

Functions of Functions

1. If f(x)=2x-3 and g(x)=x2+1, find each of the following: a) f(g(2)) b) g(f(3)) 2. Let f(x)=x2+2 and g(x)=square root of 1-x2. a) Find the domain and range of f and g. b) Are the functions of f g and g f defined? 3. Given F(x)=cubed root of x+5, find functions f and g such that F=f g. Explain the answer.