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    Algebra: linear equations and linear systems

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    Chapter 1) 165. High-income bracket. The expression 97,653 + 0.35( x- 336,550) represents the amount for the 2006 federal income tax in dollars for a single taxpayer with x dollars of taxable
    income, where x is over $336,550.
    a) Simplify the expression.
    b) Use the graph in the accompanying figure to estimate the amount of tax for a single taxpayer with a taxable income of $500,000.
    c) Find the amount of tax for MLB player Alex Rodriguez for 2006. At $25,680,727 he was the highest paid baseball player that year.

    Chapter 2) 83. Driving to the shore. Lawanda and Betty both drive the same distance to the shore. By driving 15 miles per hour faster than Betty, Lawanda can get there in 3 hours while Betty takes 4 hours. How fast does each of them drive?
    Betty 4 hours x mph

    Lawanda 3 hours x + 15 mph

    Chapter 3)
    1. Share and share alike. A chocolate bar consists of two rows of small squares with four squares in each row as shown in (a) of the accompanying figure. You want to share it with your friends.
    a) How many times must you break it to get it divided into 8 small squares?
    b) If the bar has 3 rows of 5 squares in each row as shown in (b) of the accompanying figure, then how many breaks does it take to separate it into 15 small squares?
    c) If the bar is divided into m rows with n small squares in each row, then how many breaks does it take to separate it into mn small squares?

    2 candy bars 1st one has 10 pieces two rows of 5, 2nd bar has 15 pieces 3 rows of 5

    Chapter 7
    Solve by graphing. Indicate whether each system is independent, dependent, or inconsistent.
    1. y = 2x - 1
    x + y = 2

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