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Algebra - System of Linear Equations

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1) In what fundamental way does the solution set of a system of linear equations differ from the solution set of a system of linear inequalities? Give examples. Discuss the important implications arising from this difference.
2) In your own words explain what is meant by a dependent system of linear equations. How does this differ from an independent system or an inconsistent system?
3) A dealer sold two works for $1520 thereby making a profit 25% on the first work and 10% profit on the other, whereas if he had approached any exhibition he would have sold them together for $1535 with a profit of 10% on the first and 25% on the other work. Find the actual cost of each work.

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The expert examines the systems of linear equations in algebra. The fundamentals are determined. Very neat and step-by-step solutions and explanations are provided.

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