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Pair Solutions in System of Equations

Hello, I am learning algebra 2. I have no help and the textbook gives very few and vague examples. Can someone help me with my algebra 2 work.

1.Find all solutions for the following system of equations. List the solutions as ordered pairs. {x^2+y^2-25 = 0
2x-y = -5

2.Solve the system of linear equations.(Use Calculator )

3.Solve the system of linear equations using matrices (Use Calculator )
x-3y-5z = -30
4x+4y+z = -31
6x-3y+6z = -15

4. Find the point of equilibrium of the given demand and supply equations. (Hint: The point of equilibrium is the price p and the number of units x that satisfy both the demand and the supply equations.)

Demand: p = 65 - 0.05x
Supply: p = 0.05x + 10

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1. solving for y = 2x+ 5 and substituting into the first equation we obtain

x^2 + 4x^2 + 25 + 20x - 25 = 0

5x^2 + 20 x = 0

x^2 + ...

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The expert examines pair solutions in systems of equations. Linear equations using matrices are determined. Supply and demand is analyzed.