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Systems of Linear Equations

1. Solve the following systems of linear equations. Solve one using addition and one using substitution. State which method you are using for which system...
a) 4x - 3y = 10 & y - 20 = -6x
b) y = 3x + 6 & -6x + 2y = 12

2. You are buying coffee beans for your new business, "The Algebra Café." You discover that low grade beans sell for $0.80 a pound, and high grade beans sell for $1.45 a pound. To meet the demands of the upcoming month, you need to buy a total of 5000 pounds of beans. You must spend the remainder of your bean money... $6, 500.

Let "x" be the number of pounds of low grade beans and let "y" be the number of pounds of high grade beans that you buy.

Write a system of linear equations (two) that describe the situation above and solve for the weight of each grade bean that you need to buy.

3. Describe the graph of the following system of absolute value inequalities. You can use a graph or describe the system in words (just be specific).
|x| > 3 and |y| > 1


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