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Basic Algebra

Classify the Polynomials

Classify the 15 given polynomials as monomials, binomials, trinomials, and polynomials. Use the format given below for categorizing the polynomials. [Note: Simplify wherever possible] (Please see attachment for polynomials)

Laws of Exponents and Opposites of Poynomials

1. Using one of the laws of exponents, prove that any number raised to the power 0 is 1. 2. You are given the following polynomial: 2x7 - 4x3 + 3x. If x were replaced with its opposite in each of the terms of the given polynomial, will it result in the opposite of the polynomial? Explain why or why not and illustrate to supp

Sum of 2 nonnegative numbers is 20 Find the numbers

The sum of 2 nonnegative numbers is 20. Find the numbers if: a)if the product of one number and the square root of the other is to be as large as possible, and b)if one number plus the square root of the other is to be as large as possible.

Aplication of Algebraic Expressions

3. Lisa is coloring her creation. The blue color used is 50% of the green color used, yellow is 5% of the blue color used, and brown is 7% of the amount of green used. She wants to find the total amount of color used by her. a. Find the total amount of color used by Lisa using an algebraic expression. b. Comment on the kind of

Application of Algebraic Expressions

2. Mr. Pinto is a Web designer. He is trying to put 4 characters on a page. The space occupied by character 2 takes 5 units more than character 1, character 3 takes 7 units less than the character 2, and character 4 takes the same space as that taken by character 2. a. Find the total space occupied by all the characters in an a

Creating algebraic expressions

1. Three prizes are to be distributed in a Creative Design Talent Search Contest. The value of the second prize is five-sixths the value of the first prize, and the value of the third prize is fourth-fifths that of the second prize. a. Express the total value of the three prizes as an algebraic expression. b. Comment on the ki

Compound Inequality, Selling Price Range, and Retirement Pay

See the attached file. Solve each compound inequality and write the solution set using interval notation. 80) 0< 5-2x <=10 -6< 4-x<0 81) -3 < (3x -1)/ 5 < ½ 1/3 < (3-2x)/6 < 9/2 86) Selling Price Range: Renee wants to sell her car through a broker who charges a commission of 10% of the selling price. The book val

Clearly identify the variables, coefficients, and constants

Translate the following into algebraic expressions. Clearly identify the variables, coefficients, and constants: a) One fourth of one half of the product of two numbers b) Two-thirds of the quotient of two numbers c) The product of 7 and twice n


Lydia takes ten minutes more to complete an illustration than Tom. The total time taken by both of them is six hours. Form an algebraic equation to express this and identify the variables, coefficients, and constants of the algebraic expression. You are not required to solve the equation.

Let G, H be graphs such that G is a subgraph of H. Prove or disprove each of the following: (a) alpha(G) <= alpha(H) (b) alpha(G) >= alpha(H) (c) omega(G) <= omega(H) (d) omega(G) >= omega(H)

The stability number, alpha(G), of a graph G is the cardinality of the largest subset S of V(G), the vertex set of G, such that no two of the vertices in S are connected by an edge of G. The clique number, omega(G), of a graph G is the cardinality of the largest subset S of V(G), the vertex set of G, such that every pair of

Proof about congruence modulo 43 (also expressible as equivalence modulo 43)

Let S = Z_43 (where the underscore, "_", indicates that what follows it, in this case 43, is a subscript). Let Q be a subset of S that contains ten non-zero numbers (i.e., that Q contains ten non-zero elements of S). Prove that Q contains four distinct numbers "a," "b," "c," "d" such that ab = cd in Z_43.

Lowest Common Multiple Application Word Problem

Five children collect N pieces of Halloween candy and decide to split it evenly among them. When they try to divide it they have two pieces of candy left over. One of the children leaves, taking the 26 pieces of candy she collected with her. The remaining four children try to split the N-26 remaining pieces of candy and discover

15 Algebra Problems : Find Equation for Line; Describe Graph and Slope

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Q1. Solve {see attachment} Q2. Solve 9 - 7+15/5 - (6-3)4 Q3. Solve {see attachment} Q4. Find the equation for the line with slope 3/5 and passing through the point (4, 2). Q5. Solve |2x-5| >= 14 Q6. A store issued coupons worth 20% off from any pu

10 Algebra Questions

1. The width of a rectangle is 8 feet less than the length. If the area is 20 square feet, find the length and the width. 2. Solve the equation: x(x - 4) = 12 3. A boat travels 30 miles upstream against the current in the same amount of time it takes to travel 42 miles downstream with the current. If the rate

Lowest Common Multiple (Prime Factorizations)

Let a and b be integers. A common multiple of a and b is an integer n for which a|n and b|n. We call an integer m the least common multiple of n provided (1) m is positive, (2) m is a common multiple of a and b, and (3) if n is any other positive common multiple of a and b, then n [greater than or equal to] m. The notation fo

Wireless Communication Problem Set

1. When the FCC conducted the original A and B block PCS auction, what were the companies that won the license for Cleveland Ohio? What is the MTA number for Cleveland? How many pops were covered by the license? 2. Who was the winner original high bidder(s) for the D-Block auction for Houston BTA? What was the BTA number? Wh

21 Algebra Problems : Factoring, GCF and Word Problems


Finance : McDonalds Stock and Trend Lines

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1. Pick your favorite financial site on the web 2. Go there and get the stock price for McDonalds for the first trading day in March and April of this year 3. Develop a trend line slope (change in dollars per month) 4. Check the stock price for the first trad

10 Algebra Problems : Simplifying and Binomials

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. For questions 1 through 4, simplify the expressions. 1. 9 - (- 2) + (3 - 4) 2. - 2/3 - ½ 3. - 8 ÷ 4?3 4. - 8 ÷ (4?3) 5. Evaluate the expression - 6(x + 3) for x = 2 6. Look at this expression: 12x³y + 3x²y² + xy³. Is this a binomial? Of what

Growth rate

A bacteria culture starts with 760 bacteria and grows at a rate proportional to its size. After 2 hours there will be 1520 bacteria. Express the population after t hours as a function of t.

A system of two springs in series and parallel.

Prove that when two springs are attached one at the end of the other, the coefficient of the final spring becomes 1 / (1/k1 + 1/k2 ) where k1 and k2 are the coefficient of the two individual springs. Then consider two systems of springs, one in which a mass m is attached two the end of two springs which a

College Algebra

Hello, Can you please show me how to do this problem and how it would look graphed? Thanks x +3y = 6

Are the equations independent, dependent, or inconsistent?

1. Perimeter of a rectangle. the length of a rectangular swimming pool is 15 feet longer than the width. if the perimeter is 82 feet, then what are the length i width. 2.Household income. Alkena and Hsu together earn $84,326 per year. if Alkena earns $12,468 more per year than Hsu, then how much does each of them earn per y

Prove that there is no bijection between any set A and its power set P(A) of A.

There is no bijection between any set A and its power set P(A) of A. For finite sets, proof is trivial since |A| = n and |P(A)| = 2^n. For finite sets, this is done by contradiction. Suppose there is a bijection $ between a set A and its power set P(A). Consider the set B={x|x is a member A where x is not a member $(x)}For e

Prove same cardinality

Prove that Rsquared has the same cardinality of R (hint: think of shuffling two string of digits) See attachment for full question

Several problems in basic algebra

Please include answer and steps to solve problem and explain if needed. 1) What is 10^-1 + 10^0 + 10^1? 2) 16 is 20% of.... 3) If f(x) = x^2 + 1, then 2f(x) = ? 4) If f(x) = x^2 + 1, then f(2x) = ? 5) If f(x) = x^2 + 1, then f(y) = ? 6) If 2x + y = 3, and x - y =3, what is x? 7) If 2x + y = 3, and x