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Basic Algebra


Please show me how to reach the answer. 1. 2 + 3x/4 - x <(or equal to) 2x Answer given 1/2 < x or x > 4 2. x - 1/x - 3 > x - 4/x - 2 Answer given 2 < x < 5/2 or x > 3

Basic Algebra

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Rational Exponents

1. Evaluate if possible: (-49)^1/2 A. 49 B. 7 C. 7 or -7 D. not a real number 2. Evaluate if possible: (27)^2/3 A. -9 B. 3 C. 9 D. not a real number 3. Simplify and write the expression with positive exponents. All letters represent positive numbers. (n^1/3)^-6 A. 1/n^2/3 B. 1/n^2 C. n^2 D. c

Difference Quotients and Maximum Value

The following wage function represents the relationship between age and wages for a typical employee of a large firm: Wage= 20 + 25 * age - 0.25 * age^2 a) using the difference quotient, find the change in the wage from where age=30 to where age=40. b) show the formula for the change in the wage when age=1 c) at wha

Graphing and Fitting Data to Different Kinds of Functions

As the financial manager of ABC computers, you are ready to make some decisions. You are trying to see where revenues are going?is the company ready to expand, and if so, when? There is a lot of data that you have, but columns of numbers are not as easy to understand as a graph. You plot revenue as a function of time. You do

Solving Equations and Word Problems

1.) how do you evaluate this expression M^2-6m-8 2.) How do you evaluate this 2x6+28/4-7 3.) -4/7w=8 4.) How do you solve this for x? 1/5x-5/2= -8/3 5.) How do you use the distributive property to remove these parentheses? 6(4+y) 6.) How do you graph this on a number line? x<1 or x>2 7.) A washer and dry

Algebra Word Problems

Solve the following problems: 1. A corporation allows each of its traveling employees an daily meal allowance and a nightly hotel allowance. One employee travels 4 days and 4 nights and is allotted $480. Another employee travels for 3 days and 2 nights and is allotted $270. What is the daily meal allowance and the nightly

Simplifying Expressions and Solving Equations and Inequalities

Simplify the following expressions: 16. 4[x - 2(x - 3)] 17. 5[2x - (x + 3)] - (4 - x) Solve the following equations & inequalities for x: 18. 7 - 5(x - 3) + 4 = 2 + 3(x + 4) 19. (x + 2) / 3 = (x - 1)/4 20. 2x - 6 > 4(-3 + x) 21. -4x + 6 -3x + 4 < 3(4 + x) - 6


1. Simplify. A) B) C) D) 2. Simplify. Assume x represents a positive number. 3. Evaluate , if possible. A) 8 B) 4 C) 2 D) Not a real number 4. Simplify. 5. The base of a ladder is 8 feet away from the wall. The top of the ladder is 13 feet from the floor. F

Integrals and Mean Power Delivered

The power delivered to an electric circuit is give by P=ei where e and i are the instantaneous voltage and the instantaneous current in the circuit...

Undefined Rational Expressions and Simplifying Expressions

1.Find the values (if any exist) that make the rational expression undefined. _____y(squared) + y + 1____ 16y(squared)-9 2. Write the given rational expression with the indicated denominator. __4x___ = _______?________ x+9 x(squared) +14x +45 3. Simplify: x (squared) + 0x -6

Calling Plan: Monthly Cost

The monthly cost in dollars of a long-distance phone plan is a linear function of the total calling time in minutes. The monthly cost for 42 minutes of call is $16.42 and the monthly cost for 88 minutes is $21.48. What is the monthly cost for 64 minutes?

Radical expressions: simplify, perimeters, area

Evaluate if possible: [See attachment for the formatted questions]. Find the time required for an object to fall to the ground from a building that is 1400ft high. Formula [attached] is the distance fallen. Use property 1 to simplify each of the following radical expressions. Assume that all variables represent positive re


A^2 -a= -a ( ) Factor each ploynomial by factoring the GCF