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Basic Algebra

Quadratic equation

This question concerns the quadratic equation 9x^2 - 42x+49=0 Choose the three true statements about the solution(s) of this equation Options. A. The equation has no solutions B. The equation has one solution. C. The equation has two solutions D. x= 0 is a solution of the equation E. x= 2.333 is a solution of th

Picking a correct method

How would I determine which method to use for simplifying a particular complex rational expression?

Simplify and Divide

PART ONE: Simplify the following: (-3w^2 n)(2n^2)^4 A) -6w^2 n^7 B) -48w^2 n^7 C) -48w^2 n^9 D) 48w^2 n^7 PART TWO: Perform the following divisions: (32x^6 y^4 - 24x^2 y^9 + 4x^2 y) / (4x^2 y) A) 8x^4 y^3 - 6y^8 + 1 B) 8x^3 y^4 - 6y^8 + 1 C) 8x^3 y^2 - 6xy^7 + 1 D) 8x^4 y^3 - 6x


PART ONE: solve: (32x^6 - 24x^2 y^9 + 4x^2 y) / (4x^2 y) A) 8x^4 y^3 - 6y^8 + 1 B) 8x^3 y^4 - 6y^8 + 1 C) 8x^3 y^2 - 6xy^7 + 1 D) 8x^4 y^3 - 6xy^8 + 1 PART TWO: solve: (15m^3 + 26m^2 - 11m - 6) / (5m-3) A) 3m^2 + 26/5 times m - 5 and 1/5 B) 3m^2 + 2m- 2 C) 3m^2 + 7m - 2 D) 3m^2 + 26m


PART ONE: solve: (3n^5 w)^2 /(n^3 w)^0 A) 0 B) 9n^7w C) 6n^4w D) 9n^10w^2 PART TWO: solve: 9c^7 w^-4 (-d^2)/(15c^3 w^6 (-d)^2) A) 3c^4d^2/5w^10 B) 3c^4/5w^2 C) 3c^4/5w^10 D) -3c^4/5w^10 PART THREE: solve: 5m^-3 /6^-1 m^-2 A) -5m/6 B) 30/m C) 30m D) -5/6m PART

Solving equation using natural logarithm

4e^2x = 53 My problem reads: 4e to the 2x power equals 53. When I plug my solution back in to check, I find that it is incorrect. Please send me step-by-step explanation because I do not understand the concept and my textbook has no examples for guidance.

Solve the Algebraic Equation

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem. Solve the algebraic equation. (x-6)^1/2 = (x+9)^1/2 - 3

Solve an expression

One eighth of the square root of 7 less than a number is 2. What is the number?

Algebra: Equation of Circle, Terms and Coefficients

1. Find the equation of the circle with the center C(7, -2) and radius square root 53. 2. Find the coefficient of the fifth term in the expansion of (x-y)15. 3. What is the fifth term in the expansion of (3a-b)6.

Algebra: System of Equations

Solve: 6x + 2y - 4z = 15 -3x - 4y + 2z = -6 4x - 6y + 3z = 8 My book says this is an elimination problem and the book also says the answer is (2,-1/2,-1) I just cannot figure out all of the!

Algebra: Equation of Circle, Expansion and Difference Quotient

1. The circle which has its center at the center of the hyperbola 4x2 +16x - 9y2 + 18y = 29 and whose diameter is the line segment between the vertices, what is the equation. 2. The coefficient of x7y9 in the expansion of (x-2) is? 3. Let f(x) = 2x + 1 , g(x) = x2 - 1 , and h(x) = square root (x + 1). Find the expansion for