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mixture problems

1. The everton College store paid $16.74 for an order of 48 calculators. The store paid $9 for each scientific calculator. The other all graphing calculators, cost the store $555 each. How many of each type of calculator was ordered?

The store ordered _____ Scientific calculators and ____ graphing calculators ______

2. Snookers Lumber can convert logs into either lumber or plywood. In a given day, the mill turns out three times as many units of plywood as lumber. It makes a profit of $30 on a unit of lumber and $50 on a unit of plywood. How many of each unit must be produced and sold in order to make a profit of $18720?

Snookers Lumber must produce and sell __units of lumber and _____units of plywood to make a profit of $18720.

3. Soybean meal is 18% protein; conrmeal is 9% protein. How many of each should be mixed together in order to get 360lb mixture that is 16% protein?

How many pounds of the cornmeal should be in the mixture?

4. A student makes a $8.75 purchase at the bookstore with a $20 bill. The store has no bills and gives the change in quarters and fifty-cents pieces. There are 30 coins in all. How many of each kind are there?

How many quarters are there in the change?

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