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Word Problems in Business

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A company sells three products, TV's, VCR's and Stereos. If the ratio of TV's, VCR's and stereo's sales is 3:4:2 and total sales are $9,360, what is the amount of sales in dollars for each of the TV, VCR, stereo?

A keg holds 64 litres of beer. Suppose that 16 litres are replaced with water. Then an additional 16 litres of this mixture is removed and again replaced with water. This operation is repeated until 5 batches have been removed and replaced. How much of the original beer remains in the keg?

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There are two word problems regarding proportions here.

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1. Suppose the amount of sales in dollars for TV, VCR and stereo is x,y,z, respectively. From the condition, we know x:y:z=3:4:2. So we can assum x=3a, y=4a, z=2a. The ...

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