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Basic Algebra

Radical expressions

6 2/3 (8x ) 5 9 3 sq root. 24X y 3 sq root. 1 ___ 2 2X Solve for X 10X-2(5-X) = 7X-2(3+x)

Algebra equations

(See attached file for full problem description with equations) --- 1. Perform the following computation. Write the answer in scientific notation. 2. Perform the indicated operation. Solve for x. Reduce your answer to lowest terms. 3. Perform the indicated operation. 4. Solve this equation. Solve for x. 5. S

Irreducible representations of a quaterion subgroup

Let G be the subgroup of quaternions of 8 elements, that contains ±1, ±i, ±j, ±k with relations i^2=j^2=k^2= −1, ij=k, jk=i, ki=j, ij=−ji, ik=−ki, jk=−kj. Classify irreducible representations of G over C.

Solving Equations (4 Problems)

Solve equation. Watch for extraneous solutions #30 6 + 7 =y-1 y-2 y-8 y-8 Solve equation and check for extraneous solutions # 35 square root oft 2t+4= square root of t-1 Solve each equation #88 square root 9x2= x+6 Solve each equation by using the quadratic formula. 3z2-8z+2=0 ---

Factoring a Cubic Equation

Question: Each of the three dimensions of a cube with a volume of x^3 cubic centimeters is increased by a whole number of centimeters. If the new volume is x^3 + 10x^2 + 31x + 30 cubic centimeters and the new height is x + 2 centimeters, then what are the new length and width?


How do I evaluate (log subscript 5) 9?


How do I solve the equation (log subscrpt 4) x =3?


How do I write (log subscript 2) 48 minus (lob subscript 2)3 as a single logarithm?

Logarithmic functions

I have a question regarding logarithmic functions-- the problem is this log base 4 (64x^5) this is to be expanded. I have factored 64 but I still am not coming up with the correct answer. I have 4+5 log 4 x. The book has 3+5log4x. What am I doing wrong???? Is the book wrong? I have been trying to figure this out but just

Mathematical expression for functions

Agents determine the cost for maintaining and hiring a hall by charging a flat fee of $55 for maintenance and the an hourly fee of $45 per hour. The maximum fee for the whole day's use is $595 a)Write the mathematical expression for the function used to generate the cost of hiring the hall.What would the domain and the range be


I have a question regarding natural logarithms. The question is this-- ln x + ln 7 We are supposed to condense this and write as a single logarithm whose coefficient is one.

Radical Equations

Simplify the radical expression : 8730;300 Solve the radical equation : 2x + 4 = 4 Simplify (fraction) : 5y/16 + 7y/16 - 3y/16 Simplify (fraction) : 5/8 15/16 +1/2 Solve (fraction) : x/6 - x/8 = 1

Recursion formula

What would the recursion formula be for that problem. Please see attachment.