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Basic Algebra

Real-Life Models of Logarithmic Functions.

Many different kinds of data can be modeled or measured easily using exponential and logarithmic functions. For example, consider ideal gases: Pressure versus volume give a curved plot, but a log graph of pressure versus volume provides a linear plot that is easier to interpret. Log plots are also used in the study of the rates

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1. Convert the following equations into logarithmic form: a. 9 = 4x b. 3 = 6y c. 5 = 7y d. X = 9y 2. Convert the following equations into exponential form: a. X = log3 6 b. -5 = log3 y c. X = log4 y d. 1000 = log5 Z

Simplifying and Factoring Expressions

1. Simplify. 2. Write in descending-exponent form, and give the degree. x5 + 9x7 - 1 3. Find the value of the polynomial 6x - 1 when x = 3 and when x = -3. 4. Simplify. Write your answer with only positive exponents. m2m-10 5. Subtract 2x - 3x2 + 5x3 from 5x3 + 4x - x2. 6. Multiply. 3xy2

Geometry and Algebra

Please complete the following 15 equations and make sure to show ALL WORK! Thanks in advance! Please complete the following and make sure to show ALL WORK! Section 5.1 Write each fraction in simplest form. 18. 24. 36. 50. Geometry. The volume of the box is represented by . Find the polynomial that represents the ar

Factoring Polynomials

Factoring the Difference or Sum of Two Cubes A. Factor each polynomial completely, given that the binomial following it is a factor of the polynomial. B. Factor each polynomial completely. C. Factor each polynomial completely, if prime say so. D. Factor each polynomial completely, if prime say so. E. Decreasing cube. Eac

Maximum Revenue

The manager of a bicycle shop has found that, a a price (in dollars) of p(x) = 150 - x/4 per bicycle, x bicycles will be sold. a.find an expression for the total revenue from the sale of x bicycles. b.find the number of bicycle sales that leads to maximum revenue. c.find the maximum revenue.

Quantitative Methods : What is the minimal solution?

Please offer some assistance with the solution to the below problem. I am stumped by this one and cannot complete the solution with QM. Min Z = 2x + 8y Subject to (1) 8x + 4y 64 (2) 2x + 4y 32 (3) y 2 What is the minimal solution? Please see attached document for complete problem.

Factoring Polynomials

11) 6x³+4x²-10x 12) 15x^5-2x^4-x³ 13) 49y^4-25 14) x^14 - y^4 15) x²+4 16) 72-2y² 17) x²+16xy+64y² 18) 25x³-10x^2+x

Factoring and Common Factors

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Factoring and Common Factors 39. 67. 93. The area of a painting. A rectangular painting with a width of x centimeters has an area of square centimeters. Find a binomial that represents the length. Area = 95. Amount of inve

Algebra Word Problems on Met's Payroll

For 2003, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets had the highest payrolls in major league baseball. The Met's payroll was $32.8 million less than the Yankee's payroll. If the two payrolls totaled $266.6 million, what was the Yankee's payroll for that year in millions?

Polynomial Division and Word Problems

A. Division of Polynomials If the perimeter is 6x + 6, and the width is x, then the following equation represents the perimeter, twice the width (2x) plus twice the length (2l) B. Nonnegative Integral Exponents C. D. E. F. G. H. The diameter o

Solving Equations

Can you please explain the steps in solving this algebra problem: Find the value of x: x divided 7/8=3/5 Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Algebra, Equations and Word problems

Name: _________________________ Date: _____________ 1. Solve. 28x - 2(10x - 0.365) = 7x + 0.035 2. Find the mean and the median. -2, , , 4, 9 A) Mean 2, Median B) Mean 10, Median 2 C) Mean 2, Median 2 D) Mean 10, Median 3. Solve. -3(x + 1) = 2(x - 8) + 3 A) -1 B) 1 C) 3 D) 2 4. A

Distance and Midpoint

Solve for the following items: a. The point on the x-axis that is equidistant (equal distance)from (10,4) and (6,2). b. The distance between the points (4,4) and (20,4). c. The distance between the points (1,4) and (19,5). d. The midpoint between (12,4) and (18,6) e. The midpoint between (-8,-6) and (25,3)

Quadratic Equations

Name: __________________________ Date: _____________ 1. Solve by completing the square. x2 + 6x - 27 = 0 A) 9, -3 B) -9, -3 C) 9, 3 D) -9, 3 2. Solve by using the quadratic formula. x2 + 4x + 3 = 0 3. Solve. x2 + 2x - 24 = 0 A) 6, -4 B) -6, -4 C) 6, 4 D) -6, 4 4. Is the following trinomial

Graphing Quadratic Equations

Please help with graphing quadratic equations and applications of quadratic equations. Graph the equation. 1.-4. Complete the table, answer the problem. And describe the resulting graphs by identifying the vertex point, the graph's direction, and any axis intercepts gleaned from the table or graph. Identify the axis of sym

Difference Quotients and Maximum Value

The following wage function represents the relationship between age and wages for a typical employee of a large firm: Wage= 20 + 25 * age - 0.25 * age^2 a) using the difference quotient, find the change in the wage from where age=30 to where age=40. b) show the formula for the change in the wage when age=1 c) at wha

Solve the following algebraically

For noninteger answers, I have to write my answers as a fraction rather than a decimal. To show my work, I need to include o the algebra used to compute the solution to any equations. o the formula with substituted values. o the final calculated answer with units. Please see attachment. 1)

Graphing and Fitting Data to Different Kinds of Functions

As the financial manager of ABC computers, you are ready to make some decisions. You are trying to see where revenues are going?is the company ready to expand, and if so, when? There is a lot of data that you have, but columns of numbers are not as easy to understand as a graph. You plot revenue as a function of time. You do

Solving Equations and Evaluating Word Problems

1.) how do you evaluate this expression M^2-6m-8 2.) How do you evaluate this 2x6+28/4-7 3.) -4/7w=8 4.) How do you solve this for x? 1/5x-5/2= -8/3 5.) How do you use the distributive property to remove these parentheses? 6(4+y) 6.) How do you graph this on a number line? x<1 or x>2 7.) A washer and dry

Algebra Word Problems

Solve the following problems: 1. A corporation allows each of its traveling employees an daily meal allowance and a nightly hotel allowance. One employee travels 4 days and 4 nights and is allotted $480. Another employee travels for 3 days and 2 nights and is allotted $270. What is the daily meal allowance and the nightly

Radicals Simplified

1. Simplify. A) B) C) D) 2. Simplify. Assume x represents a positive number. 3. Evaluate , if possible. A) 8 B) 4 C) 2 D) Not a real number 4. Simplify. 5. The base of a ladder is 8 feet away from the wall. The top of the ladder is 13 feet from the floor. F

Undefined Rational Expressions and Simplifying Expressions

1.Find the values (if any exist) that make the rational expression undefined. _____y(squared) + y + 1____ 16y(squared)-9 2. Write the given rational expression with the indicated denominator. __4x___ = _______?________ x+9 x(squared) +14x +45 3. Simplify: x (squared) + 0x -6


Measure the height of your computer monitor to the nearest tenth of a centimeter or sixteenth of an inch. Measure the width of your monitor as well. Use the Pythagorean theorem to find the length of the diagonal of your monitor. In your post, include the height, the width, and the calculations needed to determine the length

Radical expressions: simplify, perimeters, area

Evaluate if possible: [See attachment for the formatted questions]. Find the time required for an object to fall to the ground from a building that is 1400ft high. Formula [attached] is the distance fallen. Use property 1 to simplify each of the following radical expressions. Assume that all variables represent positive re

Solve the following algebraically.

Please see attachment for full problem description. 1) Solve the following algebraically. You must show all your work. Learn how to type math roots and fractions by clicking on link in the assignment list. Alternately, you may type as cuberoot(x) and show raising to the nth power as ^n, like x 3 is typed x^3. a)Answer