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Basic Algebra

Reducing Expressions

The attached is an example problem. Please reduce to lowest terms. Please show all steps.


Please solve the attached 10 algebra practice problems attached.

Selling Stocks and Retaining Portfolio Ratio

You own 1000 shares of Robotica Galactica (RG) at $39.00 per share. You also own 500 shares of Algebraic Flavors and Fragrance International (AFFI) at $100 per share. You would like to liquidate a part of your holdings to generate about $40,000 in cash for an emergency use. How would you sell your stock so that in your portfolio

Basic Algebra

1. what is the square root of -9? 2. what is the cube root of -64? 3. what is 27^(2/3)? 4. express in simplest form: sqrt(27x^5) 5. express in simplest form: sqrt(4/49) 6. express in simplest form: 3*sqrt(25)/sqrt(2) 7. solve for X: sqrt(X-1) = 5 8. solve for P: 7 - sqrt(P+3) = 5 9. A rectangle had a length of 1

Basic Algebra

Please see attached file for the properly formatted problems..... 1. Simplify. (m^4)^3(m^2)^9 _______________ (m^3)2^ 2. Write in descending-exponent form, and give the degree. 4x3 - 6x4 - 6 3. Find the value of the polynomial x3 - 4x when x =

Quadratic Formula

Solve the following equation for y: y^2-2y = x^3+2x^2+2x+3 The answer is supposed to be: y = 1 plus/minus sqrt(x^3+2x^2+2x+4). I have no idea how they arrived at this. I'm trying to apply the quadratic formula, but I don't know how to do it in this case.

Solve the attached 6 practice problems

Pg. 317 Factor out the GCF in the equation: #66. 15x^2 y^2 - 9xy^2 + 6x^2 y Pg. 324. Use grouping to factor the polynomial completely: # 78. x^3 + ax + 3a + 3x^2 Pg. 332. Area of a sail. A triangular sail has an area of x^2 + 5x +6 square meters and a height of x + 3 meters. Find the length of the sail's base. Area

Modeling data with polynomial functions and rational functions

(1) Create a set of data that can be modeled as a polynomial function. Please provide a reference to the data. Plot the data using Microsoft Excel including the equation for the fit. Discuss how closely the data seem to match to the best fit line. (2) Do the same for data that can be modeled using a rational function. Includ

25 Algebra Problems

Please see the attached file for the complete list of problems (25 in all) 1. Find the greatest common factor for the following sets of terms. 12a^3b^2 , 18a ^2b^3, 6a^4b^4 2. Factor the following polynomial. 4s + 6st - 14st ^4 3. Find the GCF of (6y^2 - 3y)(y + 7) 4. Geometry: The area of a rectangle of length x is give

Solving Equations and Word Problems

1) Evaluate 6*5+2-24 divided by4*2 2) Given f(x)=3x+3, find f(a+1) 3) Use your calculator to evaluate the following expression if x=9.69, and y= -8.02 x-5y Round your answer to the nearest tenth 4) A bus leaves a station at 1P.M., traveling west at an average rate of 44 mi/h. At 2P.M. on the same day a second bus leav

Simplifying Expressions with Powers

Express the following product of powers of as a single power of : Simplify the following: . Simplify: Without using negative exponents Write in scientific notation Simplify the following: (-3y^2+3y-3)-(8y^2+2y+8)+(y^2-5y) Write the product below in simplest form without paren

Practice Algebra Problems

Show all steps. Explain each step as much as you can. Find the prime factorization for each integer. #6. 200 Find the greatest common factor for each group. #10. 6a2b, 9ab2, 15a2b2 Complete the factorization of each binomial. #14. a2 - a = - a( ) Factor each polynomial by factoring out the GCF. #20. 2a2 -

Evaluating and Solving Expressions

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Write 54 as a product of prime factors. Evaluate the six expressions below. Write each response as an integer or as a fraction. (-8)^2 (-2)^4 (1/5)^3 4^2/5 (-1/2)^2 -6^2 Evaluate. Evaluate the expression when and

Quadratic Formula

Solve the following equation for x by using the quadratic formula: (with and without decimal points) 5x^2 + 9x + 1 =0

15 Basic Algebra Problems

1. Reduce if possible: (p^2 + 5p + 6)/(p^2 + 2p - 3) 2. Multiply: (x^2 - 3x + 2)/(x^2 - 4x + 4) times (x^2 + x - 6)/(x^2 - 1) 3. For what values of p is #1 undefined? 4. For what values of x is #2 undefined? 5. Find the LCD of the following: 1/(x + 2) and 1/(x^2 + 2x). 6. Find the LCD of the following: 1/(x^2 +

Fixed Point Equations

The chapter in question is about Iteration.(x2 means x squared). It talks about the Fixed point rule. It describes a fixed opint equation as x2 + 1/8 = x; that is x2 - x + 1/8 = 0 It then gives another example: Determine the fixed points of the function f(x) = -1/8x2 + 11/8x + 1/2 and states that the fixed point equation

Basic Algebra

Practice skills- 16 Problems Each correct answer is worth 6-1/4 points 1. Write in simplest form. A) -2r3s2t B) C) D) 2. Write in simplest form. A) B) C) 4a4b D) 3. Multiply. A) B) C) D) 4. Multiply. A) B) C) -n2 +

Writing Equations from Word Problems

The equation for the distance of the room is: d=20+5t and the equation for the distance of Peter is d=vt =10t Such that setting the two equations together we see that at t=4 seconds, the distance that Peter travelled is the same as the distance of the room 40ft. However, here he only drops of one paper and he must go back

Math quiz: 18 algebra problems

1. Decide whether each of the following is a quadratic equation or not. a. 3 - X^2 = 9x b. X^3 - 8 = 0 c. 2X^2 - 7X + 1 d. -5 - X^2 + 8X = 0 e. 6 + 5X - X^2 2. Find f(-3) if f(x) = -2x^3-8x^2+2x-1 3. Do the math and express without negative exponents: x^(-7) * x^3 4. Do the math and express without negative expon

Evaluating Exponential Functions

Human populations can be modeled using an exponential growth function. Use the Library for research or other resources to find the following: Current world population Current U.S. population Current growth rate of the world population Current growth rate of the U.S. population Starting in the current year, determine

Odd and Even Functions

Which of the following functions is an even function? Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.