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Mathematics - Algebra of Rate Questions

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Mary drove 378 miles using 15 gallons of gas. At this rate, how many miles would she drive using 8 gallons of gas?

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There is a sales tax of $9 on an item that costs $125 before tax. The sales tax on a second item is 20. 55 . How much does the second item cost before tax?

Question #23 / 25
Petrolyn oil is a combination of natural oil and synthetic oil-- 3 parts natural oil for every 5 parts of synthetic oil. How many liters of Petrolyn oil can be made from 297 liters of natural oil?

Question #24 / 25
The ratio of yes votes to no votes in an election was 4 to 7. How many no votes were cast if there were a total of 10,329 votes cast?

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An aquarium tank can hold 5,400 liters of water. There are two pipes that can be used to fill the tank. The first pipe alone can fill the tank in 90 minutes. The second pipe can fill the tank in 60 minutes by itself. When both pipes are working together, how long does it take them to fill the tank?

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