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Basic Algebra

Logarithms equation

A) Solve the equation for x logx + log 4x=16 b) Rearrange to make x the subject y = 2logx

An open box with a square base...

An open box with a square base is required to have a volume of 27 cubic feet. Express the amount A of material that is needed to make such a box as a function of the length x of a side of the square base. I have A(27/x^2) +x^3....i have no clue to if this is correct.

Metric System Conversions

I need to be able to convert between kilo, centi, milli, micro. Can you please give me examples and explanations I get some problems right but some I get wrong. For example my teacher had this problem 5.5 kg = 5500000000 mcg Can you explain this problem also.

Carmichael Numbers

An odd composite number is called a Carmichael number if a^(n-1) ≡ 1 (mod n) for all integers a with (a, n) = 1. Show that 1729 = 7 x 13 x 19 is a Carmichael number.

Setting up an equation and an inequality

Suppose wheat and sugar are two basic ingredients necessary to bake two items: a loaf of bread and a muffin. A baker has 25 pounds of wheat and 5 pounds of sugar. To bake each loaf of bread, the baker needs to use 1.3 pounds of wheat and 0.5 pound of sugar. To bake each muffin, the baker need needs 0.4 pound of wheat and 0.16

Graphing and word problems

Problem 19 Find the correct graph. Problem 20 Problem 29 Problem 30 Problem 42 Problem 47 Different interest rates. Mrs. Brighton invested $30,000 and received a total of 2,300 in interested. If she invested part of the money at 10% and the remainder at 5%, then how much did she invest at each rate?

Quadratic Equation Word Problem

A rectangle is 3 times as long as it is wide. If the width is increased by 6 feet and the length is decreased by 3 feet the area is doubled. Find the dimensions of the original rectangle.

Require assistance with homework

(a) How many check bits are needed if the Hamming error correction code is used to detect single bit error in a 5602-bit data word? Show procedures to support your answer. (b) In a system bus, data lines, address lines, and control lines are separated. Why? (c) How many base-3 digits does it take to obtain as many combi

10 Algebra Problems : Writing Equations from Word Problems and Inequalities

Page 211 & 212 Write a formula that describes the function for each of the following. # 8 A developer price condominiums in Florida at $ 20,000 plus $ 40 per square foot of Living area. Express the cost C as a function of the number of square feet of living area S. # 10 With a GM Master card 5 % of the amount char

Questions on Polynomials, slope, finding the equation of the line

1. Find slope given the following points: (-1,-3) and (3,5) 2. Which quadrant are the following points located in: a. (-3,4) b. (2,-5) 3. Given the point (0,-3) and slope 2, find the equation of the line. Given the points (2,-5) and (-1, 4), find the following: 4. Slope and Y-intercept 5. Equation

Polynomial expansion

(See attached file for full problem description with function) --- Please explain why the following holds... (see function attached)

Algebra - solutions to the equations and inequalities.

I am looking for the problems to be solve and the steps to solve the problems. I solved 4 of the 5 and I want to know if they are correct. I would like to understand how to do these problems. 6(x+1) - 4(2x-1) = 3-2(3x-2) -2x(5-3) = 3 - 2x(3-5) + 2(x+3) (1/2)(x-1) + (1/2)(3x+2) = 2 - 4x (-1/3)x + 6 >= -3x - 2 (3.2x