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Basic Algebra

Order and Number of Cyclic Subgroups

Please address the following question by answering the following: Suppose that G is a finite group of even order 2n. Prove or disprove that the number of cyclic subgroups of G is at most n + 2.

Important information About Solving Equations and Word Problems

7(3x+4) = 8(2x+5) + 13 2(x-3) - 3(x+5) = 3(x-2) - 7 3x - 5(3x-7) = 2(x+9) + 45 Geometry: The length of a rectangular playing field is 5 ft less than twice its width. If the perimeter of the playing field is 230 ft, find the length and width of the field. Science and medicine: A bicyclist rode into the country for 5

Distributive Properties

Use the Distributive Property to remove the parentheses from the following expression (-1-u+4z) (-2)

Important information about Capacitive Reactance

Capacitive reactance X_c in an electrical circuit to an alternating current is given by: (Please see attached) where f is frequency of the current and C is capacitance of the circuit. Solve for f.

Solving Inequalities

Solving a linear inequality: -7w - 12 ≥ 2 See attached file for full problem description.


1.Graph x+4Y=5 2. Graph x-2y=6 3. How do I find the slope of the line with points (0,0) (2,4) 4. How do I find the slope of the line with points (-3,1) (2,-2) 5. How do I graph the line with points & slope (-2,5) slope -1 6. How do I draw l1 (L sub 1) through (-4,0) (0,6) What is the slope of any line paral

Rearranging Equations

Given ax + by + c = 0 Rewrite the equation with only y on the LHS. Also find the value of y for x=20, a=-1, b=5, c=0.

Writing Equations from Word Problems

74. An algebraic equation is a complete sentence. It has a subject, a verb, and a predicate. For example, x + 2 = 5 can be written in English as "Two more than a number is five." Or. "A number added to two is five." Write an English version of the following equations. Be sure you write complete sentences and that the sentences e

Algebra : Solving Equations, Word Problems and Base of Trapezoid

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1.12x-6=11x 2. 5x+8+3x--x+5=6x-3 3. -3x=27 4. 5. Business and finance-Jose has savings accounts for each of his five children. They contain $215, $156, $318, $75, and $25. Find the median and the mean amount of money per account. 6. 9x+7=5x-3

Proofs by induction

I'm having a hard time comprehending how to write proofs by induction. I'm looking for answers to these problems so that I may have a better understanding of how they are done. --- All problems need to be proved using induction in proofs. 1. Consider n infinitely long straight lines, none of which are parallel and no th

Lagrangian for an Harmonic Oscillator

Write the Lagrangian for a one-dimensional particle moving along the x-axis and subject to a force F=-kx (with k possitive). Find the lagrange eqn of the motion and solve it. lagrange eqn 0=mX+Kx where X is the second erv with respect to T