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Basic Algebra

Rounding to the nearest half inch.

When measuring a line with a ruler. When the question asks you to round to the nearest 1/2 inch, how do you determine if it is the nearest whole number or the nearest 1/2 number? Is the answer always a whole number?

The Division Theorem

Let p and a be positive integers and suppose that p|a2. a) Show that p|(ra + sp)2 for all integers r; s. b) Use part a), the definition of prime integer, and Theorem 15.1.1 to construct a proof by induction that p|a. [Hint: If a (< or =) p consider p = qa + r, where 0 (< or =) r < a. If p < a consider a = qp + r, where 0 (<

Solving Inequalities Using Interval Notation and Set-Builder Notation

4(3w+4)greater than or equal to 4(2w+12), it says to put answers in interval notation, that goes along with this one: 4-(3/2x-3)>1/2(x+5) I am not sure how to sove either one of these, they are somewhat the same except the second question asks for the answer in set builder notation.


The absolute value of 1/2n+2 is equal to the absolute value of 3/4n-2. How do I solve when there are fractions involved?

Change of Variables

Show that the change of variables.... Reduces 21.1 to the simpler and more familiar form from Ch. 18 Greenberg text, change of variables Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Solve each equation and check for extraneous solution.

Solve each equation and check for extraneous solution. # 41. ----------------- / 2x^2 - 1 = x # 42. ------------------------ / 2x^2 - 3x - 10 = x Solve the equation # 85 ----------------------- / x^2 + 5x = 6 # 91 ----------------------- /

Algebra: Solve 10 equations

Page 313 Solve each equation. # 8 ( a + 6 )( a + 5 ) = 0 # 9 ( 2x + 5 )9 3x - 4 ) = 0 # 12. t^2 + 6t - 27 = 0 # 48 - 2x^2 - 2x + 24 = 0 # 49 11 Z^2 + ---z = -6 2 # 52 3x (2x + 1 ) = 18 Page 364 Solve each equation. Watch for ext

Integers, cube

There are four integers between 100 and 1000 that equal to there cube added together 153......1+125+27=153 370......27+343+0=370 407......64+0+343=407 What is the fourth?

Equations with logarithms

I do not fully understand how to complete a system of equations that includes logarithms. This was the sample problem given.

Region bounded by an equation

Find the region bounded by the graph of the equation. Estimate the area to confirm answer. Show a slice. Calculate the area of the region. y = square root of x-10 and y=0 between x=0 and x=9 y = square root of x and y= x-4 and x = 0

Matlab Hermite Interpolation

(See attached file for full problem description with equations) --- I need some guidance on a Matlab programming project. The project concerns Hermite polynomial interpolation. We are given values and and their derivatives and at and respectively, and we look for coefficients such that if

Rational expressions

(See attached file for full problem description with equations) --- Pg.283 Factor the GCF in each expression 59. 60. Pg. 306 Factor each polynomial completely, if polynomial is prime, say so 35. 40. Pg 338 Perform indicated operation 22.

Description of Abelian group

Modern Algebra Group Theory (VII) To prove that if G is an abelian group, then for all a,b belongs to G and all integers n, (a.b)^n=a^n.b^n.

Sample problem set

--- 1. Consider the following market demand and asymmetric cost functions for the airplane production industry. Market Demand is: P=200- (qA + qB) Cost Function for Boeing: C(qB) = 40 qB Cost Function for Airbus: C(qA) = 30 qA a.) Assume that the two act according to the Cournot mo