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Basic Algebra

Simplifying Expressions

W^2 - 49/ w + 7 The answer according to my book is w-7 How did the book come up with this answer w-7?

Simplifying Expressions

1.(-4)(-x)(xSQUARED)= 2.(24)(-5x)(-x)= 3.-x(4 MiNUS x)= 4.-4t(t+2)= 5.b SQUARED(4-x)= 6.(c+3cSQUARED)(-cSQUARED)= 7.3y MiNUS (6y+2)(-y)= 8.(-7x+xSQUARED)(-x)+xSQUARED= 9.3y OVER 2 dIvIded by 3 OVER 7= 10.-x over 4 divide by 6 over x= 11.-10x+3 divide 5= 12.17x minus 6 divide 2= 13.(-6)(-3 over 2)(7)(-11)= 14.-16.2 d

Algebra Word Problems

There is an 8 pound bag on the left plate of a scale. There is a 2 pound bag on the right plate. Peter has to balance the scale by adding 5 pound bags to the left plate and 7 pound bags to the right plate. Suppose that he must add the same number of bags to each side. How many bags must he add to each side in order to balance th

Algebra Word Problems

A small publishing company is planning to produce a new self-help book. The company needs to spend $28,224 for one-time fixed costs such as editing, typesetting, cover design, and so on. Variable costs, including printing and marketing, are $10.75 per book. The publisher will sell the finished product to the bookstores at a whol

Parametric Equations of a Line through a Surface

Consider the surface and the point on this surface. A. Starting with the equation , find equations for y and z which combine with this equation to give parametric equations for the normal line through P. Note: Your answers should be expressions of t; e.g. "3x - 4y" B. Find an equation for the tangent plane t

Factoring Polynomials

Polynomials with two variables. Factor the polynomial. See attached file for full problem description.

Expand the Product

Product of the sum & difference. Find the product. See attached file for full problem description. (3y^2 + 1) (3y^2 - 1)