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Mathematics - Algebra

1.In your industrial oven, you bake two baking sheets with 12 scones each, two baking sheets with 20 cookies each, and one baking sheet with 2 scones and 10 cookies.

a)Write an expression that illustrates the total cost of all baked goods in the scenario above using the variable s to represent the cost of scones and the variable c to represent the cost of cookies. Simplify your expression by combining like terms.

b)Suppose you have decided to price the scones at $2.28 each and the cookies at $1.19 each. How much total revenue would result from selling all the scones and cookies baked in the oven at one time?

c)Yesterday your store earned $797.30 just from the sale of cookies. Write and solve an equation that represents how many cookies were sold.

2. Your profit P is determined by subtracting the cost C (the amount of money it costs to operate a business) from the revenue R (the amount of money you earn from selling your product). Profit can be represented algebraically by the equations:

P = R - C

a)Rewrite the formula to solve for C.

b)Suppose your profit for one day is $1,281, and the cost of running the business for the day is $1,463. What is the revenue for that day? Explain your answer.

3.When managing a business, it is important to take inventory of where your money is spent. You have a monthly budget of $5,000. Refer to the table below and answer the questions that follow. Round your answers to the nearest tenth of a percent.

Category Cost Percentage
Labor $1,835
Materials 18%
Rent/utilities 25%
Miscellaneous $1,015
Total $5,000 100%

a)What percentage of the total monthly budget is spent on labor?

b)What percentage of the total monthly budget is spent on miscellaneous items?

c)How much do materials cost monthly?

d)How much do rent and utilities cost monthly?

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