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    Newton-Raphson and Matlab

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    1) Solve {exp(-x)}(1 + x^2) - 0.165=0

    a) by use bracket root (h=3) from x_0=0, then use false position
    b) by use Newton-Raphson from x_0=1 and x_0 =0 and x_0=3

    2) Solve 0.002x^5 - x^2=120

    (it is known that the root is greater than 6.0)

    a) bracket the root from x_0=6.0 with h=4.0
    b) then continue with one use of the false position method
    c) then use Newton Raphson starting from x_0=12

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    This provides examples of using Matlab to use Newton-Raphson method.