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    Matlab and roots

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    I need help in using Matlab to build an m file for
    solving non-linear equations using the Newton-Raphson
    method (or another recommended method.) I need a clear
    explanation of the process of creating an m file, and
    also using it to find the roots of the following two
    equations as examples:

    1) f(x) = exp(-x) - sin((pi/2)*x)

    2) x^5 - 17*x^4 + 124*x^3 - 508*x^2 + 1035*x - 875 = 0

    The method must also find complex roots if they exist.

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    Open MatLab !
    Now click File - New - M-file and click
    A new window opens. Give a new name and save it to your fav directory.
    Now we can give the commands.
    Always try to begin by the commands ...

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    This shows how to use Matlab to find roots, including complex roots.