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Basic Algebra

Ratio Problem

On a farm the ratio of sheep to cattle to goats is 8:3:1. How many cattle does the farmer own if there are 720 head of livestock, sheep, cattle and goats, altogether?

Independent and Dependent Variables

In a typical algebraic expression, there are two variables: an independent variable and a dependent variable. The independent variable is the number or the value that can change. The dependent variable's value depends on the value of the independent variable. For example, in the following formula, X=Y*5 Y is the independent


"Prove that: the limit as x goes to infinity of (ln(x))/(x^p)=0 for any number p>0. This shows that the logarithmic function approaches infinity more slowly than any power of x."

Isolated Singluar Point: Pole, Removable Single Point and Essential Single Point

1. In each case, write the principal part of the function at its isolated singular point and determine whether that point it a pole, a removable single point, or an essential singular point {see attachment for expressions} Please specify the terms that you use if necessary and clearly explain each step of your solution.

Solve for x

A) 11x-2x+13>9x-(5-6x) b) Find the solution set in interval notation: 5/w-3 ≤ 4/w+3


I havn't done a problem like this before and am not sure what to do Solve: x-1 > 1 and -x-2 <1


Prove that: if bd= bc (mod p) where p is a prime (and p does not divide b) , then d= c (mod p)

Green's Theorem (Divergence)

? Let D a domain on the plane bounded by a curve C. by applying Green's theorem (in divergence form) to a conservative vector field with potential f, defined on d, show that before attempting this question, recall what is a conservative vector field, as well as the definition of the laplacian . ? Use the divergen

College Algebra I

1.)The following formula can be used to convert from degrees Fahrenheit, F, to degrees Celsius, C: C= 5/9*(F -32) Gold is liquid for Celsius temperatures C such that 1063 degrees <= C < 2660 degrees. Find a comparable inequality for Fahrenheit temperatures. 2.) The following mathematical model: w = 125 (6400/6400 + x)^2

Modern algebra

I am stuck with this question. If phi : F -> R is a nonzero homomorphism from a field F to a ring R, show that phi is one-to-one (Hint: recall that for a ring homomorphism, phi is one-to-one if and only if Ker(phi)={0}. ) Can you help with this? Many thanks in advance

Basic Algebra Problems

10 algebra problems - work must be shown so I can understand how to compute. Examples of questions: --> Solve: x2 - 8x + 20 = 5 --> Solve by quadratic formula: -3x2 - 2x + 5 = 0 --> The crop yield in bushels for a field of tomatoes is 10x2 - 80x + 200 where x is number of pound of fertilizer used. a) How many pounds

Financial Math

Please explain to me where the .5675 in the following formula came from: v_0 = .5675(110-E) This is from the solution to problem 6, lecture 6. I don't understand where .5675 came from, but I understand the solution. I'ved attached lectures 5, 6, and the solution to lecture 6. The formula for a state price vector i

Banach Space and Hamel Dimension

Suppose that &#61541; is a Banach space. Prove that the Hamel dimension of &#61541; is not Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem.

Need to see more details on the algebra/points of intersection

Find the points of intersection algebraically of the graphs of the equations y=x^2-3x+4, and 2x-2y= -8 need to see the algebra got a bit lost as to how to get from Solve equations: Take y=x^2-3x+4 into 2x-2y=-8, we got: Here x-x^2+3x-4=-4 to here We got: x1=0,

Solving a Quadratic Equation

When I work the problem square root of 4x^2 + 15 - 2x = 0, by using the quadratic equation, my answer is a real number because I end up with the square root of 256 which is 16. Should I square both sides 1st or how do I solve the equation?

Unit multiplies

Use two unit mulipliers to convert 100CM2 to square millimeters

Solving Rational Expressions

I'm having a difficult time figuring out some of these! For some reason the -1 in this problem is throwing me off - I think! Here's what I came up with last time, I keep getting a different answer each time I work it. 3/(y+5) -1 = (4-y)/(2y+10) 3/(y+5)-1 = (4-y)/2(y+5) y is not equal to -5 LCD is 2(y+5) 2(y+5)*3/(y+5) =