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Basic Algebra

Greatest Common Factors (GCF) Word Problem

Happy Hector and Party Paul are each having a catered party at Fun Factory. Hector's party is in the hall and Paul's party is on the Patio. The catering manager of Fun Factory explained the rules to Hector and Paul. Both Hector's party in the Hall and Paul's party on the Patio must have the same size table, that is, for example,

Solving equations

I am trying to figure the steps with this problem since there is a negative adjacent the square root x-3-radical sign x-1=0 also x + 7/x=8 Need to know the next steps

Solving Inequalities Word Problems

How do you solve the inequality (x + 1)(x - 6) < 0, and express the solution using interval notation. If an object is shot upward with an initial velocity of 240 feet per second so that its height s (in feet) above the ground after t seconds is given by s = -16t2 + 240t. For what values of t will the object be at least 416 f


Calculate the value of b^2 - 4ac for each choice of a, b, and c a=1, b=2, c=-15

Simplifying Expressions

Three problems: 3/2w + 7/2w a+7 9-5a ______ + _______ a-4 a-4 4h-3 h-6 ______ - ______ h(h+1) H(h+1)

Lowest Common Denominators

If the given expressions were used as denoninators of rational expression, what would be the LCD for each group of denominators? two separate answers below 12,18,20 x^2-9, x^2+6x+9

Simplifying Expressions

W^2 - 49/ w + 7 The answer according to my book is w-7 How did the book come up with this answer w-7?

Simplifying Expressions

1.(-4)(-x)(xSQUARED)= 2.(24)(-5x)(-x)= 3.-x(4 MiNUS x)= 4.-4t(t+2)= 5.b SQUARED(4-x)= 6.(c+3cSQUARED)(-cSQUARED)= 7.3y MiNUS (6y+2)(-y)= 8.(-7x+xSQUARED)(-x)+xSQUARED= 9.3y OVER 2 dIvIded by 3 OVER 7= 10.-x over 4 divide by 6 over x= 11.-10x+3 divide 5= 12.17x minus 6 divide 2= 13.(-6)(-3 over 2)(7)(-11)= 14.-16.2 d

Algebra Word Problems

There is an 8 pound bag on the left plate of a scale. There is a 2 pound bag on the right plate. Peter has to balance the scale by adding 5 pound bags to the left plate and 7 pound bags to the right plate. Suppose that he must add the same number of bags to each side. How many bags must he add to each side in order to balance th

Algebra Word Problems

A small publishing company is planning to produce a new self-help book. The company needs to spend $28,224 for one-time fixed costs such as editing, typesetting, cover design, and so on. Variable costs, including printing and marketing, are $10.75 per book. The publisher will sell the finished product to the bookstores at a whol