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Basic Algebra

Writing Equations from Word Problems

74. An algebraic equation is a complete sentence. It has a subject, a verb, and a predicate. For example, x + 2 = 5 can be written in English as "Two more than a number is five." Or. "A number added to two is five." Write an English version of the following equations. Be sure you write complete sentences and that the sentences e

Algebra : Solving Equations, Word Problems and Base of Trapezoid

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1.12x-6=11x 2. 5x+8+3x--x+5=6x-3 3. -3x=27 4. 5. Business and finance-Jose has savings accounts for each of his five children. They contain $215, $156, $318, $75, and $25. Find the median and the mean amount of money per account. 6. 9x+7=5x-3

Proofs by induction

I'm having a hard time comprehending how to write proofs by induction. I'm looking for answers to these problems so that I may have a better understanding of how they are done. --- All problems need to be proved using induction in proofs. 1. Consider n infinitely long straight lines, none of which are parallel and no th

Lagrangian for an Harmonic Oscillator

Write the Lagrangian for a one-dimensional particle moving along the x-axis and subject to a force F=-kx (with k possitive). Find the lagrange eqn of the motion and solve it. lagrange eqn 0=mX+Kx where X is the second erv with respect to T

Microsoft Word Equation

(See attached file for full problem description) --- 1. Access Microsoft Word. 2. To start the Equation Editor, use the menu choice Insert / Object; under the Create New tab, select Microsoft Equation 3.0. ? If you have Word's Equation Editor loaded, you will get a toolbar that has the graphics templates needed to create

Rearranging Equations

I have two equations from my physics textbook that I use to solve problems. Now some problems that I face require me to use algebra to manipulate the equation. This is where i have the problem. I've taking algebra before, but i'm having a hard time with this. On the attachment, please show me step by step on how to solve

Radicals (25 Problems)

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. MAT 107 Week 6 Chapter 9 Cumulative Test 1. Determine whether is rational or irrational or both or none of the choices. A) Irrational B) Rational C) Both A and B D) None of the choices 2. Simplify. Assume all variables represent positi

Writing Equations from Formulas

An equation derived from an a.c. bridge circuit is given by Components R3,R4,C1 and C4 have known values. Determine expressions for Rx and Cx in terms of the known components. keywords: formulae


Discuss your understanding of absolute value inequalities with examples, one each for <= and >= inequalities.

Solve: The Value for X

Please complete the following: Solve for X. Write your answer as a fraction in the simplest form. 4/5X + 4/5 = 6X + 1/3