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Basic Algebra

Find the LCD for the rational expressions

Find the LCD for the following rational expressions, and convert each rational expression into an equivalent rational expression with the LCD as the denominator. 4/x -y , 5x/ 2y - 2x

Solve for w

-6/ w + 3 = -15/w Please solve for w in this problem.

Minimum and maximum surface areas of a cube are found.

I need to find the maximum and minimum surface areas for 2 cubes with a total volume of 432 in^3. No other perameters are specified. I've been able to use common sense to find the max is 432 sq/inches (two 6"^3 cubes) and min is 343.051 sq (one 7.5595"^3 cube and one cube of 0.171"^3). I need help with the equations for the maxi

Finding values of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Find the values of the following Inverse Trigonometric Functions. ( Do not use calculator, if possible) 1) Sin^-1 (-0.5) 2) Cos^-1 [(-square root of 2)/2] 3) Tan^-1 [(square root of 3)/3] 4) Sin^-1 [ Sin (6 pi/7) ] 5) Cos^-1 [ Cos (7 pi/6)] 6) Cos^-1 [ Cos (- pi/3) To see the questions in their true mathematical fo