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Determining dose sizes

1. Convert the following weights to kilograms:
? 45 lbs
? 88 lbs

2. A physician order Diuril 250 mgm. The dose on hand is 0.5 grams per tablet. How much will you give?

3. A physician orders Demerol 25 mgm IM. On hand is an ampule of Demerol 75 mgm in 2 ml. how many ml are drawn into the syringe?

4. A physician orders 8000 units of Heparin as an IV bolus. On hand is Heparin 10,000 USP per 2 ml. how many ml of Heparin will you draw into the syringe?

5. A physician has ordered a Heparin Bolus of 5,000 units IV followed by a Heparin drip at 1,000 units per hour. The standard mixture of Heparin is 25,000 units/250 cc D5W. At how many cc/hr should the pump be set to administer the Heparin drip?

6. A physician orders Lasix 80 mgm IVP. Your vials have 40 mgm/4ml. how many ml would you give?

7. A unit of packed cells is to administered over 4 hours. If the bag holds 300 ml calculate the drip rate in ml/hr in order to administer the blood over 4 hours.

8. Rocephin 500 mgm IM is ordered for your patient. The vial instructs you to reconstitute the powder with 5 ml of normal saline to yield 1 gm of Rocephin solution. How many ml of solution will you administer to the patient?


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