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    Fatal dose

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    Im confused on how to do this problem all together. I can't find help in the book because their answers are hard to follow. If you could work this out and explain how each step was done so I could understand how to do it that would be awesome. Thank you

    Given that the average TEQ of animal-based foods is about 0.7 picograms of TCDD equivalent per gram, and that the LD50 for 2,3,7,8-TCDD is about 0.001 mg/kg body weight, what mass(kg) of animal-based food would you have to consume to ingest a fatal dose of it?

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    The first thing you need to do is to convert the units into the same scale.
    1g = 1000mg = 10^6 ug = 10^9 ng = 10^12 pg

    In other words 1 pg = 10^-3 mg. In your curent problem 0.7 pg TCDD per g consumed converts to 0.7 mg TCDD per g consumed.

    The conversion equation is as follows:
    (1mg/10^6 ...

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    Calculations for determining fatal dose in humans from contaminated animal-based food.