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    Benzene and Phenol: Discussion of LD50 and LDLO

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    With Benzene and Phenol:

    Does one molecules consistently have a greater LD-50 for all species? explain

    Are the relative LDLO for benzene and phenol as you would expect? How were the LDLO for humans obtained? How reliable are the LDLO?

    Explain which data you would use to determine a lethal dose for you and calculate the lethal dose.

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    With Benzene and Phenol:

    Does one molecule consistently have a greater LD-50 for all species? explain

    I couldn't find a great deal of toxicology data on benzene, at least as far as LD50 goes.
    We can compare the LD50 for rats: benzene 930 mg/kg and phenol 317 mg/kg.

    Rats are often used in these studies because they are believed to give at least a rough correlation as to relative toxicity in humans. To answer your question, if we are talking about mammals, generally, phenol should be more toxic in most species. We can't say this about all species, though. What would happen if there was an animal that had an enzyme that broke down phenol before it did any damage? Body systems in mammals are similar but not identical.

    Read the "Effects on Humans" extract below and you'll see that even amongst individual humans, toxicology varies.


    ORL-MAN LDLO 50 mg kg-1
    IHL-HMN LCLO 2000 ppm/5h
    ORL-RAT LD50 930 mg kg-1
    IHL-MUS LC50 9980 ppm
    IPR-MUS LD50 340 mg kg-1
    ORL-MUS LD50 4700 mg kg-1



    Oral rat LD50: 317 mg/Kg;
    skin rabbit LD50:
    630 mg/kg; inhalation rat
    LC50: 316 mg/m3;

    Toxic effects in infants. LDLo, oral dose 10 mg/kg. http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65/CRNR_notices/state_listing/data_callin/pdf/phenoldatasum.pdf

    2. Effects on Humans: The effects of phenol exposure in humans are ...

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    The toxicity of benzen and phenol with regard to their LD50 and LDLO values is discussed. Sources are given.