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Organic chemistry mechanism and conceptual problems involvin

1. Write equations to show how nitronium ions might be formed using a
mixture of nitric and sulfuric acids.

3. Give a reasonable explanation of why nitration of 1,4-dichloro-benzene
yields the mononitro derivative while N,N'-diacetyl-1,4-phenylenediamine
forms the dinitro compound.

4. Explain why p-nitrophenol is a stronger acid than phenol itself. Would p-
methoxyphenol be a stronger or weaker acid than phenol? Explain.

12. 2,3-Dimethyl-2,3-butanediol (pin a co/) , upon heating in aqueous acid,
rearranges to form 3,3-dimethyl-2-butanone (pinacolone). Suggest a
mechanism for this reaction.

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Solution Summary

It includes mechanism for nitration of 1,4-dichloro benzene and answers questions related to acidity of phenols and rearrangement of keto-enol (pinacol-pinacolone)