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    Basicity order of aromatic amines and rearrangement reaction

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    Organic Chemistry Problems

    The basicity of aromatic amines depends on the electron donation or electron withdrawing groups attached to the benzene ring, the more the number of electron donating group attached to the ring the more basic the compound will be. Nitration of toluene gives three products. The rearrangement products of reaction attached in the problem is shown clearly

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    Rearrangement does not require explanation, which are shown by equation neatly in the attached file.

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    1) The basicity of amines in the decreasing order
    Basicity depends on the electron donating or ...

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    The order of basicity of amines is explained showing some examples. Nitration of toluene is explained with one example showing three products and their ratio. Rearrangement of some compounds shown with full mechanism.