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    Synthesis And Reaction Problems with Amines

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    Please see the attached file.

    1. Write the complete stepwise mechanism for the reaction below. Show all intermediate structures and all electron flow arrows.

    2. Give the major organic product(s) of each of the following reactions or sequences
    of reactions. Show all relevant stereochemistry.

    3. Classify the following nitrogen atoms in the following compounds as primary, secondary, tertiary, or quaternary.


    this reaction is an example of
    a. a hofmann rearrangement
    b. a Gabriel synthesis
    c. a hofmann elimination reaction
    d. a curtius rearrangement

    5. Name the following compounds by IUPAC rules:

    6. From the list, choose the best reagent(s) for each step in the following synthesis. There is only one answer for each reaction

    7. The strork enamine reaction is a variation on the Michael reaction which utilizes an enamine nucleophile.

    Draw the structures of the Ketone + Amine products of this reaction.

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