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    Pharmacology Health Audits

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    Below are 3 questions regarding the pharmacokinetic parameter. Please read the instruction and follow the direction. Each question can be described in a paragraph or two.
    Using Lexicomp , briefly compare the stated pharmacokinetic parameters of acetaminophen and ibuprofen in the following THREE questions:

    a. In healthy adults, comparing acetaminophen and ibuprofen, which pharmacokinetic parameters are similar and which are significantly different ?

    b. How does recommended dose and method for determining dose differ from adult dosing when considering healthy children between 6 months old and 15 years old?

    c. patient with renal impairment who requires post-operative pain medication. According to Lexicomp, how should acetaminophen therapy be adjusted to account for this condition and which other easily adjustable parameter(s) might you consider modifying?

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    a. , comparing acetaminophen and ibuprofen pharmacokinetic parameters in healthy adults, which are similar and which are significantly different ?

    In reference to acetaminophen, an exact mechanism of action in which acetaminophen produces its analgesic and antipyretic effects has not been thoroughly explained because it is not well understood. Nevertheless, the general conclusion is that acetaminophen mediates its actions centrally by the inhibition of cyclooxygenase. The maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) ...

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    Pharmacology health audits are examined.