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    Food & Drug Administration

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    This discussion is a research activity in which you will evaluate the pros and cons of FDA regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. To meet the requirements of this discussion activity, you may consider the topic from either of the following perspectives: 1) a specific drug and its impact on patients or on costs, or 2) the costs and benefits of the FDA's contributions to patient safety. You must substantiate your response with information from one or more peer-reviewed sources

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    The perspective we choose is the costs and benefits of the FDA's contribution to patient safety.
    Pros: The pros of regulation of the pharmaceutical industry bring several benefits to the patient. First, the FDA sets high standards for new drugs, generic drugs, and over the counter drugs. For example, new drugs receive extensive scrutiny before they are approved by the FDA (1). The benefits of safety steps by FDA go to patients. Before approving new drugs, these are required to be testing in laboratory, tested on animals, tested on humans, and the results are examined by FDA experts. if the benefits outweigh ...

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