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Basic Algebra

Algebra 1

2. Subtract the matrices: [-1 7] [-6 -9] [11 6] [-3 4] 3. Find the product: (-6) (-1) (7) (-11) 4. What is the correct way to read "-x" aloud? 5. Solve for b: D=abc 6. Solve for r: 20q+2r=4 7. 5-4(x-5) =9 9. Solve: 4(x-5) =4x-20 Solve for p: 5.5pr=3x-7pr=11q2+10pr In 19

4 questions

(See attached file for full problem description) --- 1. Simplify the following expression and express the answer so that all exponents are positive 4x^-2 (y z)^-1 2^3 x^4 y 2. Show that the product of the roots of a quadratic equation ( A x^2 + Bx + C = 0 ) is C A 3. Solve the followi

Proof the equation in logarithm

I have this problem need to proof, but it does not give the logarithm base. Hope you can help on it. Please see attached file.


Are there any cases when you simplify an expression, you end up with just numbers? Could you give examples please?

A town of population size 100,000 has 3 newspapers...

A town of population size 100,000 has 3 newspapers: A, B, and C. The proportion of people who read these people are as follows; Newspaper A: 25% Newspaper B: 27% Newspaper C: 33% Newspaper A and B: 12% Newspaper A and C: 8% Newspaper B and C: 10% Newspaper A and B and C: 5% (a) find the number of peopl

A system is composed of 5 components...

A system is composed of 5 components, each of which is either working or failed. Consider an experiment that consists of observing the status of each component, and let the outcome of the experiment be given by the vector: (x_1, x_2, x_3, x_4, x_5) where x_i (note, the subscript is the letter " i ", not 1)

Algebra questions

(See attached file for full problem description) --- 5y -7 + y=7y + 21 -5y Clear fractions or decimals first. x - + x = + x 0.96y - 0.79 = 0.21y + 0.46 5(t + 3) + 9 = 3(t-2) + 6 13 - (2c + 2) = 2(c + 2) + 3c 46. 112 Ax + By = c, for y The number of calories K need

Algebra questions

(See attached file for full problem description with proper symbols) 75. Jennifer's calculator gives a decimal approximation for and that approximation is promptly squared, the result is 2. Yet, when that same approximation is entered by hand and then squared, the result is not exactly 2. Why do you suppose this happens?

Answer the following questions/provide detailed answers and show work

Mathematics, Algebra Year 2 Please see attachment for additional questionaires. Please ask DR> SHARMA to handle this. Thanks! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q # 4. The loudness of sound is based on intensity level measured in decibels using a logarithmic scale and is rel

Advantage of rational exponents over the radical sign.

Q # 1. While the radical symbol is widely used, converting to rational exponents has advantages. Explain an advantage of rational exponents over the radical sign. Include in your answer an example of an equation easier to solve as a rational exponent rather then a radical sign. See attached for Q # 2: Using the quadratic

Sharpness of a Bound

Why is the sharpness of the bound in (a) [(n-1)/2]'=1/2.? What does this mean: sharpness?

Graph Theory : Connected Graphs and Disconnected Graphs

Using the theorems from Graph and Digraphs 4ed by G. Chartrand and L. Lesniak: 1 - (a) Let G a graph of order n such that deg v greater than or equal to (n-1)/2 for every v element of V(G). Prove that G is connected. (b) Examine the sharpness of the bound in (a). 2 - Prove the every graph G has a path of length sigma

Simplifying Expressions

Remove Parentheses and simplify 1. (-8x + 5y - 12) - 6(2x - 4y -10) 2. [6(x + 4) - 12] - [5(x-8) + 14] 3 2 4 + 10 * 20 + 8 - 23 * it means dot but I couldn't fit on key. 3. 4 * (6 + 8)/(4 + 3) 4. -32 - 8 divide 4 - (-2) 2 3

Solving Equations by Substituting Values

Substitute t find values of the expressions in each of the following applied problems. 1. the simple interest I on a principal of P dollars at interest rate r for time t, in years, is given by I=Prt. Find the simple interest on a principal of $4800 at 9% for 2 years. I know that I would use the calculation as 9%= 0.09 2.

Nestle has two European manufacturing plants...

(See attached file for full problem description) Problem 11 Nestle has two European manufacturing plants (A and B) which produce 900000 and 1000000 pounds of chocolate per month. They distribute this product through three wholesalers (1, 2, and 3). For September, the wholesale demand for product is 500000, 8500

Dynamic Problem of a Consumer / Investor

10. Consider the Dynamic Problem of a Consumer/Investor: .... s.t. at = ? ... where ct is consumption at time t, at is assets at the beginning of period t; and the gross interest rate R > 1 are given. (a) Write down the above sequence problem as a functional equation problem. Which variable is the state? (b) Assuming the pr

Joint and Marginal PDFs of Points in a Rectangle

9. Suppose that a point (X, Y) is chosen at random from the rectangle S = {(x, y) 0 ≤ r ≤ 2 and 1 ≤ y ≤ 4}. (a) determine the joint pdf of X and Y, the marginal pdf of X and the marginal pdf of Y. (b) Are X and Y independent? Uncorrelated? keywords: probability density functions

Abstract algebra-functions on-to-one

Which of the following functions is one-to-one? onto? 1. f: R^+---->R^+ given by f(x)=x^2 - x +1 2. g: R^2----->R^2 given by 2x2 matrix 2 -1(as the first row) and 4 -2(as the second row)

Equivalence Relations and Equivalence Classes

I don't know how to show the following are equivalence relations and if they are, how to describe equivalence classes. 1. a^2 + b^2=c^2 + d^2 where a,b,c,d are real numbers(describe equivalence cl) 2. For a pair of fractions a/b and c/d define a/b ~ c/d if ab=cd(same here)


What is the area of the shaded region between the two squares One smaller square is inside a larger square. The remaining open area is the shaded region. What is the area of this shaded region? smaller square: each side is 3.2cm larger square: each side is 9.5cm

Draw a straight or dotted line for graphing

Draw a straight or dotted line for graphing. Most especially the below problem. Please assist. Could you also let me know what is the significance of the dotted and straight lines? 4x + 3y > 24 x = 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Y = 8-4/3 x 8, 6.7,