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Basic Algebra

Racicals and Rational Exponents

While the radical symbol is widely used, converting to rational exponents has advantages. Explain an advantage of rational exponents over the radical sign. Include in your answer an example of an equation easier to solve as a rational exponent rather then a radical sign.

Algebra Word Problems : Maximizing Volumes, Compounding Interest and Logarithms

1) An open-top box is to be constructed from a 6 by 8 foot rectangular cardboard by cutting out equal squares at each corner and the folding up the flaps. Let x denote the length of each side of the square to be cut out. a) Find the function V that represents the volume of the box in terms of x. Answer b) Graph this fun


When using the quadratic formula to solve a quadratic equation (ax2 + bx + c = 0), the discriminant is b2 - 4ac. This discriminant can be positive, zero, or negative. How do I create three unique equations where the discriminant is positive, zero, or negative. For each case, Please help me explain what this value means to th

Radicals (16 Problems)

Solve the formula for the indicated variable. 1. I = E __ for R R + r Find the root. All variables represent nonnegative real numbers. 2. √m6 Use the product rule for radicals to simplify the expression. All variables represent nonnegative real numbers. 3. 3√5b9 Simplify

Radical expressions

1. An outboard motor calls for a fuel mixture that has a gasoline-to-oil of 50 tol. How many ppints of oil should be added to 6 gallans of gasoline? 2. (see attached) 3. simplify assume all real variables are positive real numbers 4. (see attached) 5. (see attached) 6. (see attached) 7. Betty observed tha

Transportation Modeling

21. In a balanced transportation model where supply equals demand, none of the constraints are equalities. 22. In a transshipment problem, items may be transported from sources through transshipment points on to destinations. 23. An assignment problem is a special form of transportation problem where all suppl

17 Rational Expressions Problems : Lowest Terms and LCD

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Reduce to lowest terms 1. (see attached) 2. (see attached) 3. (see attached) 4. (see attached) 5. Area of a triangle. If the base of a triangle is 8x +16 yards and it's height is yards, then what is the area of the triangle? 6.Find the LCD for t

Solving Equations (15 Problems)

1. Solve the equation. ( y - 3 ) ( y + 7 ) = 0 2. Solve the equation. a2 - a - 2 = 0 3. Solve the equation. c2 + ¼ c - ⅛ = 0 4. Solve the equation. _3_ + __1___ = ___2___ a 3 - a a - 3 5. Solve t

Quadratic Equations: Completing the square question

Using the quadratic equation x2 - 4x - 5 = 0, perform the following tasks: a) Solve by factoring. Answer: Show work in this space. b) Solve by completing the square. Show work in this space. c) Solve by using the quadratic formula. Show work in this space 2) For the function y = x2 - 4x - 5,

Matlab PolyFit / Least Squares Error Fit

Given a vector X = [ 3, 4, 6 ] and a vector y = [ 2, 3, 1 ] (a) polyfit ( x, y, 2 ) returns result [ -0.666, 5.6667, -9.000 ] (b) polyfit ( x, y, 1 ) returns result [ -0.4286, 3.8571 ] (c) polyfit ( x, y, 0 ) returns result [ 2 ] The question. I need for you to demonstrate ( i.e show all wor

Interest, Investments and Retirement

How much do you think you will need to retire comfortably at age 60? Would you believe that you're going to need at least $4,000,000? Assuming you're 18-25 years old (or younger), it's true! Sounds hard to believe, but by the end of this discussion, you should be a believer. The first thing you need to do is define "comforta

Population growth rate with logistic curve

3.13) Suppose human population grows from 6.3 billion in 2000 to an ultimate population of 10.3 billion following the logistic curve. Assuming a growth rate of 1.5% in 2000, when would the population reach 9 billion? What would the population be in 2050?

Polynomials, Binomials and Trinomials : Writing Equations from Word Problems

A rectangular painting with a width of x centimeters has an area of x^2 + 50x square centimeters. Find a binomial that represents the length. The amount of an investment of P dollars for t years at simple interest rate r is given by A= P +Prt. A. rewrite this formula by factoring out the greatest common factor on the right-h

Algebra Polynomials

Please help in completing the following pre-exam practice questions and show all work at to how you got the final answer. 1. (5x2 - 4xy + 4y2) - (2x2 - xy + 2y2) 2. 3x2y (2x2 - xy2 + 3y3) 3. (3x + 2)(5x - 4) 4. (2x - 7)2 5. (2a + 3b)(2a - 3b) 6. (12x4 - 16x3+ 8x) / (4x) 7. (3.2 x

Exponential Functions

One of the archeologists you interviewed for your article is graphing asymptotes to illustrate the data generated through carbon dating the half-life of fossil specimens. Help him with his work by solving these problems: Explain and contrast the types of asymptotes considered for rational functions. Browse through some news

Please show all work Also I was wondering how do you create your graphs?

Instructions: Click on the link below to open the document Identify the document by typing your full name next to the yellow text. Rename the file by adding your last name to current file name (e.g., "u1ip_lastname.doc") and saving to your files. Type your answers next to the yellow text. To show your work, you will


B) Most calculators have 2 different logs on them: log, which is base 10, and ln, which is base e. In computer science, digital computers are based on the binary numbering system which means that there are only 2 numbers available to the computer, 0 and 1. When a computer scientist needs a logarithm, he needs a log to base 2 whi

Square root of x

Square root of x cube = 27 Is the square root of x square = x an identity (true for all nonnegative values of x)

A raffle offers first prize of $1,000...

A raffle offers first prize of $1,000, 5 second prizes of $300 each, and 25 third prizes of $10 each. If 10,000 tickets are sold for $2 each, find the expected winnings for a person buying a ticket. Is this a fair game? ( hint: In a fair game the expected value is 0)

Solving equations

Suppose you travel north for 65 kilometers then travel east 75 kilometers. How far are you from your starting point? The volume of a cube is given by V = s3. Find the length of a side of a cube if the Volume is 1000 cm3.

Need help with math problem

Suppose F varies jointly as x and y and inversely as z squared. If F is equal to 18 when x = 4, y = 3 and z = 2, find the value of F if the values for x, y, and z respectively are doubled.

Radical and rational exponent notation

Radical and rational exponent notation are two ways to show the same process. Explain the similarities between radicals and rational exponent notation. Provide at least two other examples of mathematical notation or wording denoting the same process.