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Basic Algebra

Slopes, Intercepts and Linear Equations Word Problems

Find the slope and vertical axis intercept of the linear function 4. g(f)=2(4-t) 16. Demand Equation: The demand per week for a best selling book is 26,000 books when the price is $16.00 each, and 10,000 books when the price is $24 each. Find the demand equation for the book. assuming that it is linear. 17. Supply Eq

R-Modules and Submodules

(10)Let R be a ring with 1 and let M be a left R-module. Let N be a submodule of M. Prove that if both M/N and N are finitely generated then so is M.

Common and Natural Logarithms

Common and Natural Logarithms 1. For the exponential function ex and logarithmic function log x, graphically show the effect if x is doubled. The exponential function f (x) = e^x you will also need to graph f (x) = e^(2x). The common logarithmic function f (x) = log x You will also need to graph f (x) = log (2x).

Bouncing ball Lab - Algebra

Lee Way was conducting an experiment with a new mega ball. Use the following tables of values to complete the question for Part I (A) Identify the independent variable and the dependent variable. x=_________________ y=_____________ (B) Graph your results (C) What is the rebounding height if the ball is dropped from 10

Develop separate schedules by using the FCFS, SPT and EDD rules. Compare the schedules on the basis of average flow time,the average early time and average past due hours for any order.

The hickory company manufactures wooden desks. Management schedules overtime every weekend to reduce the backlog on the most popular models. The automatic routing machine is used to cut certain types of edges on the desktops the following orders need to be scheduled for the routing machine: Order Estimated Machine time(h

Equations and graphing

See attached file for full problem description. 1. Rewrite the equation 4x - 10y = 11 as a function of x. 2. Write the equation of the line that passes through point (1, -8) with a slope of 0. 3. Given f(x) = 5x2 - 3x + 1, find f(-2). 4. Write the equation of the line passing through (-6, -3) and (-6, 1). 5. One day,

Solving and Graphing Inequalities

Solve each rational inequality. State and graph the solution set. See attached file for full problem description. (x+3)/x ≤ -2

Algebra Word Problems

Tom took 16 hours to drive the 1,000 highway miles from Chicago to Boston. He drove the first eight hours at constant speed, and then had to lower his speed considerably by 25 miles per hour for the remainder of his journey to Boston on account of construction. However, he maintained this constant lower speed for another 8 hours

Twenty questions on algebra

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Round off 345.0149 to three decimal places. a. 345.015 b. 345.01 c. 345 d. None of the above For questions 2 through 5 use the following values of X: 1, 7, 0, 8 and -6 ____ 2. ∑Χ a. 28 b. 10 c. 22 d

Simplifying Expressions (15 Problems)

59. x^2 - 3x - 10 * x -2/x^2 - 4x +4 * x - 5 63. 4a^2 * 3a - 6/3a^2 - 12a + 12 * 2a 31. c^2 + 3c / c^2 + 2c - 3 divided by c /c + 1 33. 2y^2 - 7y + 3/ 2y^2 + 3y - 2 divided by 6y^2 - 5y + 1/3y^2 + 5y - 2 35. x^2 - 1 / 4x + 4 divided by 2x^2 - 4x + 2/ 8x + 8 15. x + y/xy^2 plus 3x + y/x^2y 28. 9x/6x - 30 plus 3x

Factoring Quadratic Equations

For each given pair of numbers find the quadraticequation with integral coefficients that has the numbers as its solutions. root5,-root5 use the discriminant to determine whether each quadric polynomial can be factored, then factor the ones that are not prime 8x^2-18x-45 6x^2+9x-16 (3a+2)^2-3(3a+2)=10 find all r

Factoring Equations

A^2- 6a +9=0 Use the even -root property to solve each question x^2= 9/4 (x-3)^2=16 (w-3/2)^2=7/4 (w+2/3)^2=5/9 Find the perfect square trinomial whose first two terms are given. w^2-5w p^2+6/5p factor each perfect square trinomial. y^2-5y+25/4 t^2+3/5t+9/100 solve by complteing the square

Solving Equations

3(x-2)+5=7-4(x+3) w/3 +w-4/2=11/2 (X+7)^2=25 0.006x-0.04(x-20)=2.8 3root2+4/root2= xroot18/3root2+2 1/x-1/x-1=1/6

Simplifying Radicals

Rewrite each expression with a rational denomination ^4root 2/^4root 27 radical expression in simplified form root 1/2 root 3/8

Simplifying Radicals

Root of 8+ root of 28 root 12x^5-root18x- root 300x^5+ root 98x ^3 root of 54t^4y^3- ^3 root 16t ^4y^3 simplify the the product gives exact answers. (root3+2) (root3-5)

Simplifying Expressions : Rules of Exponents

(3^-6)^1/3 simplify each expression assume the variables represent any real #s and use absolute value as necessary (y^3)^1/3 Simplify assume all variables represent positive #s write answer with positive exponents only w^1/3 / w^3 Simplify each expression right your answer with positive exponents assume that all

Simplifying Radicals

^3 root of 1/a^2 evaluate expression below 27^-4/3 use the rules of exponents to simplify each eXpression 3^1/3 3^-1/3