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    commutative and associative properties of multiplication

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    Use the commutative and associative properties of multiplication
    and exponential notation to rewrite the product.
    y(y _ 5)(wy)
    Use the distributive property to remove the parentheses.
    -3(6 - p)

    Simplify the following expression by combining like terms.
    2a(a - 5) 4(a -5)

    Simplify expression.
    1/4(6b+2 )- 2/3 (3b-2)

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    Problem 1:

    y(y - 5)(wy)

    =y(wy)(y-5) , by commutative law

    = wy^2(y - 5)
    =wy^3 -5wy^2

    Problem 2:

    Use the distributive ...

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