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Algebra - Word Problem Equation

Set up the equation needed to solve the problem.

1. A rectangular garden has dimensions of 25 feet by 19 feet . A gravel path of equal width is to be built around the garden. How wide can the path be if there is enough gravel for 672 square feet?

2. The area of a square is 81 square centimeters . If the same amount is added to one dimension and removed from the other , the resulting rectangle has an area 9 square centimeters less than the area of the square .How much is added and subtracted ?

Solve the problems using algebra.

1. When making a long distance call from a certain pay phone , the first three minutes of a call cost $1.40. After that , each additional minute or portion of a minute of that call cost $0.35. Use an inequality to find the maximum number of minutes one can call long distance for $6.30.

2. A rectangular carpet has a perimeter of 144 inches . The length of the carpet is 52 inches more than the width. What are the dimensions of the carpet.

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(1) Let the width of the path be x ft.

Area of the garden = 25 * 19 = 475 sq ft

Area of the rectangle that includes the garden and the gravel path = (25 + x)(19 + x) = 475 + 44x + x^2

Area of the gravel path = (475 + 44x + x^2) - 475 = ...

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